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I Am Mother (2019)


SA Made Showcase

View SAFC supported feature film, television, short film, multimedia and documentary productions filmed and produced in South Australia from 1975 to today. Click Available to Watch Now to search for productions available on-demand.

Main image: I Am Mother (2019), photo by Ian Routledge



Web Series

Lucy & D.i.C (2019)




We Made A Thing Studios (SA), Lucy and DiC One (SA)

It’s about a Lucy, a girl who’s always on the look out for simple ways to improve her life. And D.i.C, her talking support drone who even with all the knowledge in the world… can be a bit of an asshole. Stars Lucy Gransbury, Ethan “Ozzyman Reviews” Marrell

PRODUCER: Greg Sitch, Tom Phillips (SA)

DIRECTOR: Jeremy Kelly-Bakker (SA)

WRITER: Jeremy Kelly-Bakker (SA), Tom Phillips (SA)

EXECUTIVE PRODUCER: Gail Fuller (SA), Wayne Lewis (SA)

Available to watch now: Facebook, YouTube



57 Films (SA)

The first Chinese television drama series shot in Australia, Speed was filmed in Adelaide and surrounding areas and stars Elvis Han, Xu Lu, and Du Haitao. The 32-part series tells the story of an underground street racer turned professional race car driver, with action sequences directed by specialist Hong Kong director Bruce Law (Jackie Chan’s Supercop, Transformers: Age of Extinction and Mission Impossible 3).

PRODUCER: Paul Ryan (SA)





Epic Films (SA), Gravity Films (SA)

Harry, an optimistic Uber driver with autism, causes confusion, chaos and comedy for his passengers despite the advice of his ever-supportive father, all while trying to woo the sweet but unsuspecting girl of his dreams.

PRODUCER: Kirsty Stark (SA)

DIRECTOR: Brendon Skinner (SA), Simon Williams (SA)

WRITER: Ben Crisp (SA), Brendon Skinner (SA), Kirsty Stark (SA), Simon Williams (SA)

CO-PRODUCER: Brendon Skinner (SA), Simon Williams (SA)

EXECUTIVE PRODUCER: Sandy Cameron (SA), Kate Croser (SA), Rick Kalowski



We’re Not Boys Productions

Almost Midnight is a coming-of-age, romantic black comedy about a socially-inept young man called Dave, who wants a fairy-tale romance, but lacks the abilities to meet and most importantly keep the woman of his dreams,. Dave’s tale is told over six years, in five minute real-time slices of his life in the lead up to each New Years Eve countdown.

PRODUCER: Peta Bulsara (Astbury) (SA), Alex Keay (SA)

DIRECTOR: Stephen Banham

WRITER: Stephen Banham, Aaron Casey

Cate Blanchett in Stateless, image credit Ben King


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Image: Cate Blanchett in Stateless (2020), photo by Ben King