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Aussie Snake Wranglers S3 (2023), image courtesy Breakout Productions


Breakout Productions (SA)

IN PRODUCTION — Series 3 of Aussie Snake Wranglers is packed full of remarkable snake species, picturesque new locations and plenty of adrenaline filled action. In 8 x 30min heart-pounding episodes audiences will get an all-access pass into one of Australia’s most dangerous occupations – snake catching! Around Australia teams of elite snake catchers answer hundreds of distress calls from everyday Aussies whose homes have been invaded by these formidable reptiles. Snake catchers go head-to-head with an enormous red bellied black snake in Sydney’s inner suburbs, discover a rarely seen species in the Sunshine Coast Hinterland, put their wrangling skills to the ultimate test with highly venomous, eastern browns snakes in South Australia and encounter many unpredictable and deadly situations.

PRODUCER: Colin Thrupp (SA)

DIRECTOR: Steven Geddes (SA)