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Beep and Mort from Windmill Pictures, image courtesy Windmill Pictures


Funding Approvals

The South Australian Film Corporation provides funding and support for screen productions and practitioners through a range of different programs and initiatives. Below you can find lists of applicants and projects that have been approved for funding in the current financial year. This page is updated quarterly.

You can find funding approvals from previous years on our Past Funding Approvals page.

Funding Approvals – 2023/2024 (Q1)

Attachment Schemes

Professional Crew Attachments

  • Desert King – Production Attachment (Mia Fountain)
  • Desert King – Art Department Attachment (Sonja van Bavel)
  • Thou Shalt Not Steal – Camera Attachment (Lewis Smith)
  • Thou Shalt Not Steal – Costume Attachment (Ellen Baldock)
  • Untitled TV Series – Art Department Attachment (Jessica O’Reilly)
  • Untitled TV Series – Location Attachment (Lindsay Peele)
  • Untitled TV Series – Unit Department (Oliver Piperone)
Export Market Travel Fund

European Film Market

  • Mimesis (Triptych Pictures Pty Ltd)

Games Connect Asia Pacific (GCAP) 2023 Ticket Subsidy

  • Punchimals (Two Lives Left Pty Ltd)
  • Roving Rovers (Mini Mammoth Games Pty Ltd)
  • Anvilheart (Towerpoint Pty Ltd)
  • Star Farmer: Warlock of the Universe (Tyler Roach)
  • Fox and Shadow (Paper Cactus Games Pty Ltd)
  • Pedal Rebel VR (Jonathan Kovarch)
  • Crimson Cutlass (Cerulean Creative Studios)
  • Cult of the Lamb (Harrison Gibbins)
  • Travelling Cat Merchant (Tessa Touchette)
  • Project Julia (Stellar Advent)
  • Box Knight (We Made A Thing Pty Ltd)
  • Victor Nascimento

Gamescom 2023

  • Land Tides (Lamplight Forest Pty Ltd)
  • Kādomon: Hyper Auto Battlers (Dino Rocket Pty Ltd)
  • Fox and Shadow (Paper Cactus Games Pty Ltd)
  • Roving Rovers (Mini Mammoth Games Pty Ltd)
  • Broken Ridge (Mighty Kingdom Games Pty Ltd)
  • Taming Yore Dragon (My Colourful Mind Pty Ltd)

International Children’s Content Summit Ticket Subsidy

  • Owl Riders (Vishus Productions Pty Ltd)
  • Dots and Diamond (Monkeystack Pty Ltd)
  • Wishes (Karu-Karu Pty Ltd)
  • Anangu Dreamtime (Vishus Productions Pty Ltd)

Marché Internationale des Programmes de Communications (MIPCOM) 2023

  • Beep and Mort (Mollyvale Holdings Pty Ltd)

First Nations Screen Strategy

First Nations Practitioner Development Program

  • Darwin Film Festival/NT Screen Summit (Isaac Lindsay)
Matched Market Development Grant
  • Operation Ochre (Projector Films Pty Ltd)
  • Mimesis (Triptych Pictures Pty Ltd)
  • Wishes (Karu-Karu Pty Ltd)
  • Winter Herd (Repeater Productions (Aus) Pty Ltd)
  • Senescence (Trove Films Pty Ltd)
SA PDV Rebate
  • Speedway (Ringleader Films Pty Ltd)
  • Aussie Snake Wranglers – S3 (Breakout Productions Pty Ltd)
  • Yellowjackets – S2 (MPS-NO5 Pty Ltd)
  • Teen Wolf (Blusky Pictures Pty Ltd)
  • Master Gardener (Blusky Pictures Pty Ltd)
  • Untitled – TV Series
SA VGD Rebate
  • Gabby’s Dollhouse (Mighty Kingdom Games Pty Ltd)
  • Barbie Fashion Closet (Mighty Kingdom Games Pty Ltd)
  • Broken Ridge (Mighty Kingdom Games Pty Ltd)
  • Star Trek Lower Decks (Mighty Kingdom Games Pty Ltd)
  • Star Equestrian (The Trustee For D Abeynayake Trust)
  • Power Rangers (Mighty Kingdom Games Pty Ltd)
  • Beepo Maths (The Trustee For D Abeynayake Trust)
  • Rainbow High Superstars (Mighty Kingdom Games Pty Ltd)
  • Marinette’s Atelier (Mighty Kingdom Games Pty Ltd)
  • Project 11 (Mighty Kingdom Games Pty Ltd)
  • Horse Riding Tales (The Trustee For D Abeynayake Trust)
  • Project Ball Stars (Mighty Kingdom Games Pty Ltd)
  • Trucks Off Road (ODD Games Pty Ltd)
Screen Production Fund
  • Songs Inside (Songs Inside Pty Ltd)
  • With or Without You (Carolyn Johnson Films Pty Ltd)

Main image: Beep and Mort, image courtesy Windmill Pictures

A Sunburnt Christmas, image supplied

Past Funding Approvals

View funding approvals from previous years.

Image: A Sunburnt Christmas (2020)