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Tilda Cobham Hervey in I Am Woman, photo by Lisa Tomasetti


Funding Approvals

The South Australian Film Corporation provides funding and support for screen productions and practitioners through a range of different programs and initiatives. Below is a list of applicants and projects that were approved for funding in the 2019/2020 financial year. From the start of the 2021/2022 financial year, this page will be updated quarterly.

You can find funding approvals from previous years in our annual reports.

Funding Approvals 2019/2020

Audience Development 2019/2020
"The Mulka Man" for Nunga Screen 2020, Copyright 2019 Change Media and Mulka Carving Photo by Johanis Lyons-Reid
“The Mulka Man” for Nunga Screen 2020, Copyright 2019 Change Media and Mulka Carving, Photo by Johanis Lyons-Reid
  • Nunga Screen 2020 (South Australian Country Arts)
  • Whyalla Film Festival and 60 Second Film Competition (Michal Isabella Hughes)
Adelaide Studios Artist in Residence (with SALA and Samstag Museum)
Madison Bycroft, image supplied
  • Charles-Geneviève-Louis-Auguste-André-Timothée d’Éon de Beaumont (Madison Kate Bycroft)
Advanced Development
Maralinga (2020) - supplied ABC
Maralinga Tjarutja, image courtesy ABC
  • The Secret Ingredient (Kojo Productions Pty Ltd)
  • Trapeze (Goalpost Pictures Australia Pty Ltd)
  • Maralinga (Blackfella Films Pty Ltd)
  • Prince (Dancing Road Productions Pty Ltd)
  • Shark Bait (Prodigy Movies Pty Ltd)
  • Monash (Dancing Road Productions Pty Ltd)
  • Plan C – Stage 3 (Projector Films Pty Ltd)
  • A Boy’s Own Story – Stage 2 (Cyan Films Pty Ltd)
  • Alternate (SLA Films Pty Ltd)
  • Aftertaste – fka Yes, Chef! (Yes Chef TV Pty Ltd)
Attachment Scheme
  • Mortal Kombat – SFX Attachment (Samuel Aaron Winderlich)
  • Mortal Kombat – Electrics Department Attachment (Joshua Charles Trevorrow)
  • Mortal Kombat – Director’s Attachment (Victoria Cocks)
  • Mortal Kombat – Accounts Department Attachment (William Traeger)
  • Mortal Kombat – Editing Department Attachment (Jocelyn Nicole Millar)
  • Are You Tougher Than Your Ancestors – Editing Department Attachment (Abbey Jade Mulraney)
  • Operation Buffalo (fka Fallout) – Sound Department Attachment (Roger Gonzalez)
  • Tarnanthi Portraits – Attachment with Closer Productions (Edoardo Crismani)
  • Tarnanthi Portraits – Attachment with Closer Productions (Pearl Berry)
  • Tarnanthi Portraits – Attachment with Closer Productions (Dre Ngatakorua)
  • Teenage Boss S2 – Production Department Attachment (Melissa Ann White)
  • Teenage Boss S2 – Field Producer Attachment (Anthony Frith)
Audio Drama and Audio Documentary Development (with Audible)
  • The Gaslight (Kade William Richardson)
  • Tulpas: From Buddhism to Bronies (Skelepathic Productions Pty Ltd)
  • Homebirth – A Modern Day Witchhunt (Pascale Family Trust)
Bird in Hand Nest Anytime
  • Sierra Schrader, Sequoia Productions Pty Ltd
Bunya Talent Camp Incubator Workshop
Bunya Talent Incubator mentors Wayne Blair, Tanith Glynn-Maloney, Dena Curtis, Adrian Russell Wills, Gillian Moody, Nakkiah Lui. Photo by Nara Wilson.
  • Workshop Participation – Caama Productions Pty Ltd
  • Workshop Participation – Darren James Harris
  • Workshop Participation – Edoardo Crismani
  • Workshop Participation – PAW Productions Pty Ltd
  • Workshop Participation – Joshua Charles Trevorrow
  • Workshop Participation – Kiara Faye Milera
  • Workshop Travel – Sandover Films Pty Ltd
  • Workshop Travel – Malka Carving Incorporated
Centralised : Web Series Development
Participants and facilitators at the Centralised Web Series Development Workshop
  • My House (Elaine Crombie)
  • Ranger BB (Colleen Patricia Raven)
  • Centralised Web Series Workshop (Central Australian Aboriginal Media Association – CAAMA)
Conference and Market Subsidies
AIDC 2020
  • Projector Films Pty Ltd
  • Craig Jackson
  • 57 Films Pty Ltd
  • Anne Helen Tsoulis
  • Shining Catalina Productions Pty Ltd
  • Adventure Time Travel Pty Ltd
AIDC 2020 – Indigenous Creators Program
  • Edoardo Crismani
  • Travis Peter Akbar
  • Kiara Faye Milera
  • Adam William Dixon-Galea
AIDC 2020 – Australian Delegation to Hot Docs
  • Carolyn Johnson Films Pty Ltd
Brilliant Careers 2019
  • R Estelle & P.A Monaghan
  • D2v Entertainment Pty Ltd
  • Nicole Miller
  • Epic Films Pty Ltd
  • Alison Sherry Rogers
Electric Dreams Conference 2020
  • Mavromatis Family Trust
  • Panayioti Ninos
  • Alexis Mary West
  • Lara Gabriella Damiani
  • Edoardo Crismani
  • Colleen Patricia Raven
Screen Producers Australia Screen Forever 2020
  • Epic Films Pty Ltd
  • Lara Lukich
  • R Estelle & P.A Monaghan
  • Kojo Productions Pty Ltd
  • 1up Digital Pty Ltd
  • 57 Films Pty Ltd
  • Marie Press
  • Passel Pty Ltd
  • Turow Concepts Pty Limited
  • Sarah Jean Wormald
  • Lavene Heather Ngatokorua
  • Thibul Nettle
Company Funding
Screen Business Resilience Training
  • Triptych Pictures Pty Ltd
  • Closer Screens Pty Ltd
  • D2v Entertainment Pty Ltd
  • Mystique Productions Pty Ltd
  • Run Wild Pictures Pty Ltd
  • Carolyn Johnson Films Pty Ltd
Screen Survive and Thrive Workshop
  • Lara Gabriella Damiani
  • R Estelle & P.A Monaghan
  • Rodney Bolton
  • Simon Brendan Tait
  • Jacqueline Kirsten Lewis
  • Mark Andrew Videon
  • Kelly Joy Mcnamara
  • Christine Rosemary Williams
  • Madeleine Parry
  • C Manrique Clavijo & A Mendez Salgado
Early Development
  • The Thrill of the Chase (Rebel Leader Pty Ltd)
  • Sharehouse (Word Ninjas)
  • Endgames (Kojo Productions Pty Ltd)
  • Untitled factual project (Speleopix Pty Ltd)
  • The Art of Giving (Carolyn Johnson Films Pty Ltd)
  • 1000 Bloody Acres (Cyan Films Pty Ltd)
  • 5 Rules to Being a Fuckgurl (Nelya Valamanesh)
  • exParentment (Thomas William Eyers)
  • 2 in a Million (Corner Table Productions Australia)
  • An Authentic Performance (Projector Films)
  • Spirit (Craig Behenna)
  • A New Light: Robyn Archer (Southern Light Alliance Pty Ltd)
  • The Bone Sparrow (Carver Films Pty Ltd)
  • SAM (KOJO Productions Pty Ltd)
  • The Trespassers (Fremantlemedia Australia Pty Ltd)
  • JIMPA (Closer Screens)
  • Living Mistakes (Highview Productions Pty Ltd)
  • Gold Diggers (KOJO Productions Pty Ltd)
  • The Greenskeeper (Double Bishop)

Games Innovation Fund
Rooftop Renegade by Melonhead Games
Rooftop Renegade, Melonhead Games

Games Connect Asia Pacific (GCAP) 2019

  • Eduardo Alberto Cardenas Cruz
  • Mark Andrew Videon
  • Marduk Blue Pty Ltd
  • Melonhead Games Pty Ltd
  • Mighty Kingdom Services Pty Ltd
  • Mighty Kingdom Pty Ltd
  • Alexa Nguyen

Games Development

  • Ultra Casual Game Collection (Eduardo Alberto Cardenas Cruz)
  • Exo One (Hyperfocal Design Pty Ltd)
  • Trailblazer (Monkeystack Pty Ltd)
  • Untitled (Voxiebox Pty Ltd)
  • Box Knight: Bash (We Made A Thing Pty Ltd)
  • Rooftop Renegade (Melonhead Games Pty Ltd)
  • Pre-Crime (Monomyth Games Pty Ltd)
  • The Woolpack Inn (Konstantinos Evangelos Canatselis)
  • Mindless Senseless Game (Yopunky Pty Ltd)
  • Burden (Jason Di Benedetto)
Industry Development
The Workroom at Charlie's, Image credit Hareth Tayem
The Workroom at Charlie’s, image credit Hareth Tayem
  • Screenworks “Develop and Sell Your Idea” Workshop for Regional Producers (Northern Rivers Screenworks Inc)
  • Charlie’s Desk Membership (Australians in Film)
  • Story Hack Interactive Writing Workshop (Cronwickey & Co Pty Ltd)
  • Talent Camp Workshop (AFTRS)
  • Indigenous Producer Program Mentor (Epic Films Pty Ltd)
  • AWG/AFTRS Live Events Series (Australian Writers’ Guild Ltd)

Location Assistance
  • The Unknown Man (See-Saw Productions Pty Ltd)
  • Monash (Dancing Road Productions Pty Ltd)
  • Gold Diggers (Kojo Productions Pty Ltd)
  • Shark Bait (Prodigy Movies Pty Ltd)

Matched Market Development
Are You Tougher than your Ancestors (2020)
Are You Tougher Than Your Ancestors?
  • Peleda (Vishus Productions Holdings Pty Ltd)
  • That’s What You Think! (Epic Films Pty Ltd)
  • Are You Tougher Than Your Ancestors? (Flying Kite Pictures Pty Ltd)
  • Eucalypts (Carolyn Johnson Films Pty Ltd)

Media Resource Centre
  • Media Resource Centre 2019-20 Annual Funding (Media Resource Centre Inc.)

PDV Rebate
X Men: Dark Phoenix poster art
X-Men: Dark Phoenix
  • Awoken (Awoken Films Pty Ltd)
  • Hotel Mumbai (Hotel Mumbai Double Guess Productions Pty Ltd)
  • Captain Marvel (Awesome Post Production Pty Ltd)
  • X-Men: Dark Phoenix (Rising Sun Pictures)
  • A Second Chance: Rivals (Going for Gold Pty Ltd)
  • Aftertaste – fka Yes, Chef! (Closer Productions)
  • Turandot (AEP Post Pty Ltd)
  • The Eight Hundred (AEP Post Pty Ltd)
  • Dora the Explorer (Springy Productions Pty Ltd)
  • Brahms : The Boy II (Lakeshore Entertainment Pty Ltd)
  • Dumbo (Woozle Productions Pty Ltd)
  • Yolo: Crystal Fantasy (Club World Pty Ltd)
  • The Boys Season 2 (Frontier Productions Pty Limited)
  • Cats (Gatto Productions Pty Ltd)
  • Animals (Animals Film Pty Ltd)
  • The Hunting (CP The Hunt Pty Ltd)
  • Alita Battle Angel (Fox Australia Productions Pty Ltd)

Production Grant
Tilda Cobham Hervey in I Am Woman, photo by Lisa Tomasetti
Tilda Cobham Hervey in I Am Woman, photo by Lisa Tomasetti
  • Teenage Boss Series 2 (McAvoy Media Pty Ltd)
  • I Am Woman (IAW Movie Pty Ltd)
  • Love, Guns & Level Ups (Fury Fingers Pty Ltd)
  • Aftertaste (Closer Productions)
  • One Eyed – Port Adelaide Football Club 150 Years (57 Productions Pty Ltd)
  • River of Life: Murray Odyssey (57 Films Pty Ltd)
  • The Tourist (The Tourist Australia Productions Pty Ltd)
  • Maralinga (Blackfella Films Pty Ltd – Producer, and Resilience Films Pty Ltd – SPV)
  • Are You Addicted to Technology? (Closer Productions and Joined Up Films – WA Co-Producer)
  • The Unknown Man (See-Saw Productions Pty Ltd)
  • When Pomegranates Howl (Parvin Productions Pty Ltd)
  • Abandoned Waters (Screentime Pty Ltd)
  • MaveriX (MaveriX SPV Pty Ltd)
  • Stackorama! (Run Wild Pictures Pty Ltd)
  • Thin Ice VR (Monkeystack Pty Ltd)
  • You Are Not Alone (Redman Media)

Pirrku Kuu Hub Residencies
Pirrku Kuu Hub, photo by Kelly Barnes
The Pirrku Kuu Hub, photo by Kelly Barnes
  • Teresa Ilene O’Flaherty
  • Kiara Faye Milera
  • Edoardo Crismani

Short Film Fund with Adelaide Film Festival and Panavision
  • Dipped In Black (Matthew Thorne)
  • The Last Elephant on Earth (Piri Rayburn Berry Eddy)
  • Last Meal (M.P Mckenzie & D.R Principe)

  • Women in Film and Television Networking Events (Women in Film and Television)
  • Screen Producers Association – Screen Forever Breakfast (Screen Producers Association)
  • Screen Producers Association – Screen Forever Conference (Screen Producers Association)
  • Media Ring Breakfast Sponsorship (Media Ring)
  • Australian International Documentary Conference – AIDC (Australian International Documentary Conference)

Strategic Initiatives
  • Bunya Incubator Workshop (Bunya Talent Incorporated)

Targeted Development
  • Lost Cat (Triptych Pictures Pty Ltd)
  • Theo: A Haunting (Triptych Pictures Pty Ltd)
  • The Road Less Travelled (Faraway Films Entertainment Pty Ltd)
  • A Second Chance TV series (Glenpictures Pty Ltd)
  • Speedway (SLA Films Pty Ltd)
  • Robot Teachers (Sewing Pictures Pty Ltd)
  • Sharon’s Self Improvement Agency (D2v Entertainment Pty Ltd)

Travel Fund
  • Production Finance Market: Film London (Corner Table Productions Australia Pty Ltd)
  • American Film Market (SLA Films Pty Ltd)
  • Australian Screen Editors Awards 2019 (Sean Lahiff)
  • Advanced Story: Stephen Cleary Workshop (Tamara Hardman)
  • Australian Screen Editors Awards 2019 (David Scarborough)
  • Powerhouse Mixer AWG Event (Katharine Ellen Mcphee)
  • Berlin FF and EFM (Cyan Development Fund Pty Ltd)
  • Flickerfest Travel (Zane Roach)
  • Radiate – LA (Closer Screens Pty Ltd)
  • Berlinale Travel 2020 (Epic Films Pty Ltd)
  • AIDC Access Mentorship 2020 (Run Wild Pictures Pty Ltd)
  • Berlin EFM (JGT Enterprises Pty Ltd)
  • Yarnin’ Away – AIDC 2020 (Kiara Faye Milera)
  • Charlene’s Warrior Woman Adventure – AIDC 2020 (Edoardo Crismani)
  • A Game Like No Other – AIDC 2020 (Adam William Dixon-Galea)
  • Reach – AIDC 2020 (Travis Peter Akbar)

HIROYUKI SANADA as Scorpion in New Line Cinema’s action adventure “Mortal Kombat,” a Warner Bros. Pictures release. Courtesy Warner Bros. Pictures

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