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About the SAFC

Established in 1972, the South Australian Film Corporation (SAFC) is South Australia’s leading screen authority and investment body, supporting the development, growth and promotion of the state’s screen production sector.

As the most experienced screen agency in Australia the SAFC focuses on supporting, positioning and championing South Australian screen businesses to achieve creative excellence and prosperity, contributing to a robust South Australian economy and creative vibrancy through production of a diverse slate of feature film, television and digital screen projects.

The SAFC administers a range of Production and Development funding for screen productions of all types, from TV series and feature films to short films, web series, video games and more.

The SAFC’s Adelaide Studios and highly-skilled, award-winning crews have contributed to a growing momentum for South Australia’s screen industry. Over the SAFC’s half century of operation we have experienced record production levels, outstanding artistic achievements and an impressive increase in the level of local screen business development.

South Australia provides a visually inspiring and cost-effective location for any production.  Please contact us to discuss your project today – or visit the Our Staff page to find contact details for individual staff members.

Main image: Adelaide Studios exterior, photo by Peter Barnes

Making History

Established in 1972, the South Australian Film Corporation has been the leading light of South Australia’s screen industry for more than 50 years.

Image: Sunday Too Far Away (1975)