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Sam Bateman and Kaila Pole in The Loop, 2019. Copyright Change Media, photo by Piri Eddy


Disability Screen Strategy

The SAFC is committed to improving representation in our screen content and inclusion and diversity in our sector. We value ensuring access and equality for all practitioners across the screen sector, and we align to the guiding principles of the United Nations Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disability, including respect, equality and non-discrimination.

The SAFC has a range of initiatives promoting an inclusive approach to amplifying and developing South Australian Deaf and disabled screen content makers. Scroll through the page to find out more – or hit the button below to email our team.

Main image: Kaila Pole and Sam Bateman in The Loop (2019), Change Media, photo by Piri Eddy.

The front cover of the SAFC's Diversity and Inclusion Strategy

Our strategy

The SAFC’s Diversity and Inclusion Strategy 2022-2032 breaks new ground nationally by setting out comprehensive, quantifiable 10-year targets for the representation of diversity both on and off screen in the South Australian screen sector that are reflective of the state’s population.

The aim of the strategy is to grow and support a screen industry which reflects the diversity and vibrancy of the South Australian community, which will require a long-term commitment to systemic change.

The SAFC is committed to engaging with communities in a process of two-way learning. We welcome feedback on this strategy at any time via [email protected]

Disability Equality Plan banner

Disability Equality Plan

The SAFC’s Disability Equality Plan outlines our actions to support, encourage and develop South Australian Deaf and disabled screen practitioners and boost representation in screen content.

Read the media release about the launch of the plan, or download it using the button below.

WANTED, Tom Hoffie, Rebecca Gibney, Paul Vagnarelli and Mark Wareham

Targeted Diversity Attachments

The SAFC’s Targeted Diversity Attachment scheme supports our mission to build a more inclusive screen industry in South Australia by providing paid on-set experience for diverse key creatives and crew, including Deaf and disabled practitioners.

Emerging cinematographer Paul Vagnarelli (centre), who is profoundly Deaf, worked as camera attachment on Wanted season 3 with star Rebecca Gibney and producer Tom Hoffie.

Kaila Pole in The Loop © 2019 Change Media, photo by Piri Eddy

Full Tilt Initiative

In July 2018 the SAFC partnered with SBS to launch the FULL TILT Short Documentary Initiative, to develop and produce compelling screen stories created by South Australian content makers with disability. The initiative aimed to showcase the diverse talents and stories of South Australian filmmakers whilst providing them with an opportunity to establish working relationships with Australia’s multilingual broadcaster, SBS. The initiative resulted in three documentary shorts which screened on SBS On Demand in September 2019 as part of the SBS Short Film Festival.

Click the links below to find out more about each film.

Image: Kaila Pole in The Loop (2019), © Change Media, photo by Piri Eddy

Shut Up Little Man (2011), Closer Productions

Film Lab: New Voices

Presented by the SAFC and Adelaide Film Festival in collaboration with Mercury CX, this innovative feature film development program has specific opportunities for diverse emerging practitioners, including Deaf and disabled filmmakers.

Image: Shut Up Little Man (2011) by Closer Productions – one of the breakout films of the SAFC’s Film Lab 2009-2012.