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From digital production brochures highlighting South Australian screen talent, facilities and services, to helpful guides and forms for industry applications, check out the SAFC’s wide range of downloadable industry resources.

Main image: Crew on location shooting The Tourist (2022), photo by Ian Routledge.

Digital Production Brochures

South Australia is home to world-class crews, award-winning screen industry creatives and a range of flexible production facilities. Discover the best of what the state has to offer with our collection of digital production brochures, which are regularly updated by the SAFC. To find additional South Australian crew and services, visit our searchable Crew & Services Directory.

SA Screen Producers

This brochure highlights some of the diverse producing talent in South Australia creating world-class film and TV productions – from Emmy Award winning TV series and feature films selected for Cannes, Venice and Berlin, to internationally acclaimed documentaries, innovative digital series and more.

SA Screen Talent Spotlight

This brochure highlights selected new South Australian “Greenlighters” – credited writers, directors and producers with the ability to attract finance – who have worked on recent SAFC supported film and TV productions.

SA PDV Service Providers

As an international hub for post-production, digital and visual effects (PDV), South Australia is world-renowned for excellence in sound and picture post-production, animation and VFX, with some of the world’s top PDV studios calling Adelaide home. Find out more about them in this digital brochure.

SA Screen Production Facilities

This brochure highlights selected venues and facilities in South Australia suitable for screen production and filming.

SA Video Game Creatives

From large indie studios to solo developers working across desktop, console and mobile, to creatives working in XR, animation and robotics, this brochure highlights just some of the diverse range of talent and skills in South Australia’s growing game development sector

Industry Resources

First Nations Cultural Protocols Guide

The SAFC’s First Nations Cultural Protocols guide is a practical and informative handbook on culturally appropriate working practices with South Australian First Nations communities. Designed for screen productions working in South Australia, the handy digital booklet outlines Cultural Protocols including Welcome to and Acknowledgement of Country, how to identify whose country you’re filming on and advice on obtaining filming permits, as well as including an overview of other considerations for situations involving First Nations South Australian communities and content, with advice and links for further reading.

Access Requirements Form

The Access Requirements: Travel, Accommodation & Wellness Form is a free resource template for screen industry employers to support increased wellness and access in the workplace, and for working in and on screen productions. Designed by SAFC Disability Screen Strategy Executive Gaelle Mellis, the form is easily adaptable for use in a variety of screen industry situations. If you have any questions about this template or how to use it, please email us at [email protected]

Adelaide Studios Dolby Premier 7.1 Mixing Theatre, photo by Kelly Barnes

Make it in SA

Beyond stunning and convenient locations, world-class crews and top-of-the-line facilities, South Australia offers a range of innovative funding incentives, including production investment, post-production support, payroll tax exemption and a revolving loan facility.

Image: Adelaide Studios Dolby Certified Mixing Theatre, photo by Kelly Barnes