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Diversity and Inclusion

The SAFC is committed to improving diversity and inclusion in the South Australian screen sector, championing diverse storytellers and authentic representation in screen productions.

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Main image: Practitioners working in the Adelaide Studios courtyard, photo by Naomi Jellicoe

The front cover of the SAFC's Diversity and Inclusion Strategy

Our strategy

The SAFC’s Diversity and Inclusion Strategy 2022-2032 breaks new ground nationally by setting out comprehensive, quantifiable 10-year targets for the representation of diversity both on and off screen in the South Australian screen sector that are reflective of the state’s population.

The aim of the strategy is to grow and support a screen industry which reflects the diversity and vibrancy of the South Australian community, which will require a long-term commitment to systemic change.

The SAFC is committed to engaging with communities in a process of two-way learning. We welcome feedback on this strategy at any time via [email protected]

Diversity Data 2022-23

The SAFC is pleased to be making significant steps toward supporting diversity and inclusion with our Diversity and Inclusion Strategy 2022-2032. The strategy sets out 10-year targets for screen sector diversity, reflecting South Australian population demographics.

In the first year of the strategy, support for project development by First Nations key creatives and LGBTQIA+ creatives has exceeded 10-year targets. See the data below and in our Annual Report.

SA Key Creatives funded across the SAFC’s script development funding programs

SA Key Creatives funded across the SAFC’s Screen Production Fund

Image: Behind the scenes of The Getaway (2023)

Disability Equality Plan banner

Disability Equality Plan

The SAFC’s Disability Equality Plan outlines our actions to support, encourage and develop South Australian Deaf and disabled screen practitioners and boost representation in screen content.

First Nations Screen Strategy placeholder image

First Nations Screen Strategy

The vision for the SAFC’s First Nations Screen Strategy 2020-2025 is built on a tradition of 75,000 years of storytellers across South Australia, from the desert to the sea.

Our goal is to ensure that the South Australian First Nations screen sector is fully supported to thrive and create ambitious and distinctive projects for screen and digital platforms.

Kirsty Martinsen painting in Limited Surrender (2019)

Access Requirements Form

The Access Requirements: Travel, Accommodation & Wellness Form is a free resource template for screen industry employers to support increased wellness and access in the workplace, and for working in and on screen productions. Designed by SAFC Disability Screen Strategy Executive Gaelle Mellis, the form is easily adaptable for use in a variety of screen industry situations. If you have any questions about this template or how to use it, please email us at [email protected]

Image: Kirsty Martinsen on set of Limited Surrender (2019)

The SAFC Cultural Protocols guide

Cultural Protocols Guide

The SAFC’s First Nations Cultural Protocols guide is a practical and informative handbook on culturally appropriate working practices with South Australian First Nations communities.

Designed for screen productions working in South Australia, the handy digital booklet outlines Cultural Protocols including Welcome to and Acknowledgement of Country, how to identify whose country you’re filming on and advice on obtaining filming permits, as well as including an overview of other considerations for situations involving First Nations South Australian communities and content, with advice and links for further reading.

First Nations viewers are advised that this document may contain images of people who have passed away.

SDIN's The Everyone Project. Image: Deafinition (2019)

The Everyone Project

The SAFC supports the implementation of The Everyone Project, a new initiative to help Australian screen industry companies and organisations track, boost and foster diversity in their screen productions. The Everyone Project is an easy-to-use web app that invites people to self-identify on a set of characteristics around the diversity of the talent and crews working in their current screen production projects.

Image: Paul Vagnarelli in Deafinition (2019)