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Behind the scenes, on location for Wolf Creek S2, Photo Sam Oster



Gain the benefits of using South Australia for your next production – unique locations, innovative funding incentives, experienced and dedicated crews and world-class studios. The SAFC will work with you to tailor a package that best suits your project.

State Incentives

To be eligible for the state incentives, your production needs to be wholly or largely undertaken in South Australia and/or employ a South Australian professional crew including key creatives.

Incentives on offer are:

Find out more about state incentives here.

Federal Incentives

Federal government financial incentives are administered via Screen Australia.

They include:

On 30 September 2020 the Australian Government announced proposed changes to the Producer Offset, which will come into effect for productions commencing principal photography on or after 1 July 2021. Find out more here.

For more information about Australia’s Federal incentives visit Screen Australia or Ausfilm.

Local Crews and Industry

The South Australian screen sector features some of the most experienced crew in the country, renowned for their can-do attitude and award-winning results.

The SAFC can put you in touch with location managers, line producers, casting directors, production managers and others to help guide your project with commitment and passion. Their expert knowledge of local environments, conditions and personnel will ensure you get things done on time and within budget.

The SAFC has long-established relationships with local businesses specialising in the provision of equipment hire, legal services, financing, insurance, accounting and more.

Unlock added incentives and maximise the value of your production by co-producing with a local partner. 

Find out more about South Australian Crew & Services.

Photo: On location for Wolf Creek Season 2, photo credit Sam Oster

Adelaide Studios Dolby Premier 7.1 Mixing Theatre, photo by Kelly Barnes

Excellence in post sound

The only Dolby Premier 7.1 certified studio in Australia, and one of just 22 in the world, the Adelaide Studios Mixing Theatre offers state of the art technology suitable for any screen production.

Image: Adelaide Studios Dolby Premier 7.1 Mixing Theatre, photo by Kelly Barnes