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The Loop, Lorcan Hopper and Sam Bateman, 2019 - Change Media_photo by Piri Eddy



Change Media (SA)

The Loop is an absurd journey into disability, authorship and representation, twisting the world of soap operas to share Lorcan Hooper’s experience of disability.

PRODUCER: Jennifer Lyons-Reid (SA), Carl Kuddell (SA)

DIRECTOR: Lorcan Hopper (SA), Johanis Lyons-Reid (SA)

WRITER: Lorcan Hopper (SA), Johanis Lyons-Reid (SA)

ASSOCIATE PRODUCER: Piri Eddy (SA), Sandra Hopper (SA)

CONSULTANT PRODUCER: Julie Byrne (SA), Kristian Moliere (SA)

Available to watch now: SBS On Demand