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Rebel Leader (SA)

Anthony is about to turn 28 and is still living with his parents in the northern suburbs of Adelaide, South Australia. He’s determined to go through his life without getting “a real job”. He’s tried his hand at stand up comedy, filmmaking and music, but his pursuits in the arts have yet to be fruitful. Wanting to give music another try, he searched the Internet for ways to make money fast and he came across self-proclaimed “middle-class artist”, Matt Farley. Matt pays his mortgage with his art, making online streaming’s small payouts work for him by writing almost 20,000 novelty songs, earning half a penny for each stream. Teaming up with his producer friend, Rebecca, Anthony gets a grant to make a documentary about his musical journey and uses the money to travel to Massachusetts to meet Matt. Over 10 days, Anthony will become Matt’s song-spamming apprentice, and learn the ins and outs of making a buck off music in the age of music streaming. Anthony challenges himself to write 100 songs using Matt’s method. Like most artists, Anthony usually spends hours and hours perfecting one song. The effortlessly charming Matt Farley, CEO of his music empire Motern Media, will write four songs in one hour. And in Matt’s own words, “they’re usually pretty good!” In the dim light of his home basement studio, Matt will show Anthony how he can achieve anything with positive reinforcement, if only he can believe it. While traipsing across beautiful New England in the fall, Anthony will experience his first time away from home, his first pumpkin carving and his first attic. Can Anthony still imagine himself an artist if he writes a hundred songs about poop, not caring about the quality? Can he put aside his personal integrity to complete his challenge, when he’s given up on everything in the past? Can he really re-record the same song over and over again and only change one lyric, and still call it a new song? Anthony will find out in an American adventure that pushes him to the limit of his artistic abilities.

PRODUCER: Rebecca Elliott (SA)

DIRECTOR: Anthony Frith (SA)

WRITER: Anthony Frith (SA), David Scarborough (SA)