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Celebrate female creatives for International Women’s Day 2024

08 March 2024

Celebrate International Women’s Day 2024 with a super showcase of great SAFC supported screen productions made by female key creatives, all available to watch now on streaming services.

From feature films to documentaries, television and web series and more, we’ve updated our list of SAFC supported productions from Australian female directors, writers and producers over the last five years, to inform, entertain and inspire – and you can watch them all right now, on demand!

Or if video games are more your thing, click here to jump to the games section.

Click on each production tile below to learn more about it, and get streaming links.

Feature Film



Short Film & Web Series

Video Games

Gaming is for everyone. The Interactive Games & Entertainment Association (IGEA) Australia Plays 2023 report found this to be more true than ever, with women now making up 48% of Australian gamers!

Diversity in Australian studios is also increasing, with IGEA reporting that 26% of Australian developers identify as women and 5% identify as trans, non-binary or gender diverse.

The SAFC is proud to support South Australia’s thriving games industry through our SA VGD Rebate and through events such as our SAGE: SA Game Exhibition, a super showcase of South Australia’s video game development sector which this year attracted a staggering 2,000+ people over one weekend to experience the best in South Australian-made video games.

Check out a selection of female-led games that exhibited at the SA Game Exhibition (SAGE) 2024 last month.

Find your new favourite game – watch the trailers and click on the link to learn more about the project.

Lucie’s Potager

Play as Lucie, a young squirrel who has chosen to set up a shop to spread her love of plants. But in order to make her shop a success she’ll need to forage, grow, harvest, and craft the best produce she can!

Indie game development studio Stella Advent, co-founded and directed by Katie Abela, released Lucie’s Potager in 2023 on Steam and Nintendo Switch.

The Sacred Acorn

Cute meets chaos when a small squirrel with ancient powers embarks on an epic action-adventure to save the world from impending doom. Master ancient powers and battle brutal bosses in this deceptively cute top-down metroidvania with stunning hand drawn art and a bespoke, atmospheric soundtrack.

Made by small indie studio A Few Dragons, the team includes a female writer and lead 2D artist – both playing key roles to get the game to its current stage of development.


Become the #1 ranked streamer while navigating a deranged internet and your increasingly haunted apartment in this RPG streaming horror sim. With procedurally generated gameplay and permadeath, each playthrough promises a unique horror experience. Dive into a world of madness where ever-shifting choices and horrifying consequences will shape your personal journey.

Made by SA developer Chantal Ryan of We Have Always Lived In The Forest, darkwebSTREAMER has already attracted international attention ahead of its release, including a feature in The New York Times,

Beach Bums

Beach Bums is a funny little hidden object puzzle game that challenges the player to race against the rising tide to reunite beachgoers with their swimwear after a tidal wave washes them away.

The team of four is led by creator Jazz King, who talked about the inspiration for the game on ABC Radio Adelaide ahead of SAGE last month.


Spellborn is a third-person single-player, story-rich medieval RPG set in an open-world landscape. Use your magic and acrobatic abilities to combat the monarchy. Bring freedom back to the people. Save your family from the inquisition that seeks to destroy those of a free mind.

Created by 7D Games, the studio is co-founded and directed by Tatiana Smith – also the lead 3D artist and character creator behind the fantastical adventure.


A vagrant blacksmith’s desperate quest for a better life is exploited by a twisted mastermind, forcing them to balance their new reputation for heroism with a secret that could shatter it all.

One of two main creatives behind Towerpoint Games, Emma Waters acts as lead programmer, writer and game and narrative designer, using skills she’s acquired since she started developing games as a hobby in 2012.

Cozy Commons

A delightful life sim where everyone you meet has a story to tell.

From SA studio PixelCake, writer, director and lead artist Rebecca Hadland makes up half of the two-person team behind Cozy Commons, which is set for release on iOS and Android in 2024/2025.

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