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Cate Blanchett and Aswan Reid in The New Boy, photo by Ben King




Scarlett Pictures, Dirty Films

Set in 1940s Australia, The New Boy is the story of a nine-year-old Aboriginal orphan boy (Aswan Reid) who arrives in the dead of night at a remote monastery, run by a renegade nun (Cate Blanchett), where his presence disturbs the delicately balanced world in this story of spiritual struggle and the cost of survival. Also stars Deborah Mailman and Wayne Blair, alongside new faces Shane Brady, Tyrique Brady, Laiken Woolmington, Kailem Miller, Kyle Miller, Tyzailin Roderick and Tyler Spencer. WORLD PREMIERE AT CANNES FILM FESTIVAL 2023

PRODUCER: Kath Shelper, Cate Blanchett, Andrew Upton, Georgie Pym (co-producer), Coco Francini, Lorenzo De Maio

DIRECTOR: Warwick Thornton

WRITER: Warwick Thornton

AVAILABLE NOW ON DEMAND: Amazon Prime Video, Binge, Apple TV, Fetch, Google Play, Microsoft, Telstra TV, Youtube