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Scarygirl (2023)




Highly Spirited

WORLD PREMIERE AT SYDNEY FILM FESTIVAL 2023 — Created by SA artist Nathan Jurevicius, Scarygirl is an adventurous Australian animation following free spirited and cheerful Arkie, who lives with her adoptive octopus father, Blister, on a flourishing, colourful peninsula. Together they help regenerate plant life using their magical tentacles, with the help of friendly mechanical bees powered by sunrays. That’s until space bandits invade and kidnap Blister – so that an evil scientist, Dr Maybee, can use his powers to sap the planet’s lifeforce and discover the key to immortality. Can Arkie rescue Blister in time to save her home from devastation? Based on the acclaimed graphic novel, toy and game brand, and featuring a stellar celebrity voice cast, Scarygirl is a visual treat. Stars the voices of Jillian Nguyen, Sam Neill, Deborah Mailman, Tim Minchin, Anna Torv, Rob Collins.

PRODUCER: Nadine Bates, Sophie Byrne, Ryan Greaves, Kristin Souvlis

DIRECTOR: Ricard Cussó, Tania Vincent

WRITER: Nathan Jurevicius (SA), Craig Behenna (SA), Matt Everitt (SA)

AVAILABLE NOW ON DEMAND: Apple TV, Fetch, Google Play, Youtube