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Erik Thomson and Natalie Abbott in Aftertaste, image courtesy ABC



Closer Productions (SA)

After throwing away his last chance at fame, Easton West (Erik Thomson) has settled into obscurity rather well. Telling himself he’s far happier away from the kitchen and a “PC’” world gone mad, he’s living a quiet life with his sister Denise (Susan Prior) and far too forgiving partner Brett (Wayne Blair) on the old family property. When Brett and Denise decide to make things official and tie the knot, however, it coaxes back the prodigal pastry chef Diana (Natalie Abbott)  from her new life in London. Still furious with her family’s secrets and lies, Diana’s desperate to prove to them how much better off she is without them. But old tensions rear their ugly heads, and soon Easton and Diana are bickering, wrestling, and wielding a shotgun. As this family tries to negotiate its awkward reunion, the past will once again throw the West family into more chaos.

PRODUCER: Rebecca Summerton (SA), Erik Thomson (SA)

WRITER: Creator/Writer Julie De Fina, Creator/Writer Matthew Bate (SA), Writer Matt Vesely (SA)

CO-PRODUCER: Matthew Bate (SA)

AVAILABLE NOW ON DEMAND: ABC iView, Stan., Apple TV+, Google Play