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SAFC welcomes Federal Government investment in the screen industry

10 May 2023
BTS on Gymnastics Academy, A Second Chance

The SAFC welcomes this week’s announcement of Federal Budget measures for the screen industry, including an increase to the Federal Location Offset to 30%, funding for national broadcasters ABC and SBS, and investment in screen industry education and training.

The Government’s announcement of an additional $112.3 million to boost the Location Offset rebate to 30% will make Australia a highly competitive destination for international productions, and will support continued growth of jobs and local businesses in the screen industry, providing more training and employment opportunities for Australian creatives, talent and crew.

The SAFC also welcomes the Government’s $9 million investment in Australia’s eight national arts training organisations to secure critical training courses and skills development across the live performing arts and screen sectors. This investment supports the aims of the SAFC’s recently launched South Australian Screen Industry Workforce Development Strategy, to attract, retain, train and sustain a pipeline of skilled talent across the broad spectrum of screen production in South Australia, including live-action, animation, XR, game development, post-production and visual effects.

The 2023-2024 Budget also includes new investments in Australia’s national broadcasters, cementing five-year funding terms for ABC and SBS with annual funding of $1.1 billion for the ABC and $334.9 million for SBS, delivering funding stability which will facilitate the delivery of quality content and services for all Australians. 

SAFC CEO Kate Croser said: “The boost to the Federal Location Offset presents significant opportunities for South Australia’s screen industry. Combined with the SAFC’s existing suite of incentives, South Australia’s stunning locations and world-class crews, this new investment will continue to position our state as a premier location for quality screen production and help maximise the opportunity for South Australia to secure a greater share of national and international screen production activity.

“In this time of industry growth we also welcome the Government’s investment in capacity building through training and education, which reflect the recommendations of the SAFC’s recently launched South Australian Screen Industry Workforce Development Strategy.”

Main image: Behind the scenes on Gymnastics Academy, A Second Chance

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