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SAFC launches First Nations Cultural Protocols to guide screen production in South Australia

07 July 2022

NAIDOC WEEK 2022 – The South Australian Film Corporation (SAFC) has today launched a new and essential resource for screen production in South Australia – the SAFC’s First Nations Cultural Protocols guide – a practical and informative handbook on culturally appropriate working practices with South Australian First Nations communities.

Designed to be provided to screen productions working in South Australia, the SAFC’s First Nations Cultural Protocols guide paves the way for strong and respectful working relationships between First Nations and non- First Nations partners, and recognises that South Australia’s First Nations communities are diverse in cultural customs and expressions, languages, traditional knowledge and skills.

Developed by SAFC First Nations Screen Strategy Executive Pauline Clague and SAFC First Nations Industry Development Executive Nara Wilson, as well as former SAFC First Nations Screen Strategy Executive Lee-Ann Buckskin, and with input from SA Native Title Services and Reconciliation South Australia, the handy digital booklet outlines Cultural Protocols including Welcome to and Acknowledgement of Country, how to identify whose country you’re filming on and advice on obtaining filming permits, as well as including an overview of other considerations for situations involving First Nations South Australian communities and content, with advice and links for further reading.

First Nations viewers are advised that this document may contain images of people who have passed away.

SAFC First Nations Screen Strategy Executive Pauline Clague said “The SAFC is incredibly proud to launch this First Nations Cultural Protocols handbook, to guide the sector in embedding cultural consultation and liaison in all screen production. This document formalises the work we already do through the agency, and will prove an invaluable resource for interstate and international productions coming to South Australia.”

Minister for the Arts The Hon. Andrea Michaels MP congratulated the SAFC on the creation of this important resource.

“South Australia is a fantastic place to create screen content and the First Nations Cultural Protocols launched today will ensure that cultural respect, liaison and collaboration with our First Nations communities is strengthened. I congratulate the SAFC for their leadership in the industry to build a more respectful and inclusive screen sector,” Minister Michaels said.

SAFC CEO Kate Croser said the First Nations Cultural Protocols guide further builds on the agency’s suite of resources and initiatives to strengthen relationships between First Nations and non-First Nations communities.

“The SAFC has embedded inclusion in our commitment to industry, and the launch of the First Nations Cultural Protocols guide is another step in our continuing work towards supporting ethical, respectful, and inclusive practices on screen productions in South Australia. Through our Reconciliation Action Plan the SAFC actively promotes reconciliation within our organisation and more broadly within the SA screen sector, and we are proud to launch this initiative to develop and strengthen relationships between screen production businesses and South Australia’s First Nations people,” she said.

CEO of SA Native Title Services Keith Thomas, said “Cultural Protocols are designed to protect First Nations cultural and intellectual property rights through guiding ethical behaviour, and by identifying core values important to First Nations peoples such as spirit and integrity, cultural continuity, equity, reciprocity, respect and responsibility. Understanding these core values demonstrates a respect for First Nations peoples, and provides a foundation for ethical conduct in any situation. We welcome the SAFC supporting and promoting Cultural Protocols within South Australia’s screen industry.”

The First Nations Cultural Protocols guide now becomes part of the SAFC’s established suite of First Nations policies including First Nations Screen Strategy 2020-2025, and ongoing Reconciliation Action Plan, and supports the aims of the recently launched Diversity and Inclusion Strategy 2022-2032.

To find out more and download a copy of the First Nations Cultural Protocols, go to


Main image: Top L-R: My Name is Gulpilil (2021), The Mountain (2022), Teenage Boss S2 (2020), Deadly Family Portraits: Sansbury Sisters (2019) Photo Credit Piri Eddy; Bottom L-R: Storm Boy (2018) Photo Credit Matt Nettheim, Just Another Day in Indulkana (2021) courtesy Iwantja Arts, Photo Credit Simon Eeles, Maralinga Tjarutja (2020), Are You Tougher Than Your Ancestors (2020)

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