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SAFC highlights screen career pathways at student expo event

10 November 2022
The Hon Blair Boyer MP Minister for Education and SAFC Head of Production Beth Neate, Students testing out the green screen at the Screen Industry stall.

Last week the SAFC was invited to attend the Department for Education’s Careers Expo Event at the Hilton Adelaide, where hundreds of students from all across South Australia came to learn more about the various career opportunities in the state. Students from years 7 to 12 across various schools came to the event to meet with key industry leaders and learn about career pathways, education and training opportunities, with Minister for Education, Training and Skills Blair Boyer in attendance.

SAFC Head of Production Beth Neate, Development and Industry Development Executive Kath McIntyre, Game Development Executive Patrick Webb and Program Coordinator Jess Cahill met with students at the SAFC’s booth to offer insight into the state’s booming screen industry, and introduce them to the many highly skilled jobs that make up the sector. Students were even able to pose in front of a working green screen to see movie magic in action.

The SAFC has supported South Australia’s screen industry since 1972, facilitating and supporting the development and production of feature films, TV series, PDV and visual effects, video games and more through innovative initiatives, incentives and programs.

There are many pathways for those interested in following a career in the screen industry. Check out the below links on our website for tips and support:

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