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Reminder: Deadline 9 October – SAFC Registration Subsidy 2015 Screen Forever SPA Conference

28 September 2015

SCREEN FOREVER is Australia’s premier conference event for screen industry professionals.

Each year attendees include key Australian and international industry practitioners involved in all aspects of producing, distributing and financing screen content. The three-day program offers a mix of networking events, keynote addresses, interviews, panel discussions, workshops, masterclasses, roundtables, pitching opportunities and the International Partnership Market.

To support a strong presence of SA practitioners, the SAFC has negotiated a direct subsidy arrangement with Screen Producers Australia.  A generous discount is available to SA practitioners who register during the early-bird period which ends on Friday 9 October, 2015.
The discount rate applies across every type of SPA registration, providing local practitioners with the opportunity to take advantage of a 55% reduction on the full rate (see price table below)

The discount will only apply to those SA Practitioners who register during the early bird registration period.  Once the early-bird deadline has passed, SA practitioners will no longer be able to access the subsidy and will be required to pay the full registration rate.  We encourage you to register as soon as possible to ensure you benefit from the SAFC subsidy.

There is no need to apply to the SAFC to access the subsidy, nor will there be any acquittal report required. SA Practitioners are required to support their own travel arrangements.

Screen Producers Australia will cross-check registrants against a list of eligible SA practitioners provided by the SAFC. SA Practitioners need to be listed either on the SAFC Crew & Services Directory, or be subscribed to SAFC e-Updates with an SA address listed. If your subsidised registration for SCREEN FOREVER is not accepted, please contact the SAFC so that arrangements can be made to confirm your SA residency and have your name added to the eligible list.

Featured image: Screen Forever SPA Conference logo

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