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AFTERTASTE (w/t) leads South Australian screen production back to work

29 June 2020
Erik Thomson in production on Aftertaste (working title). Picture by Ian Routledge.

ABC, Screen Australia and the South Australian Film Corporation (SAFC) today announced production has resumed in Adelaide on new comedy series, Aftertaste (working title), marking a return to work for South Australian screen production.

Aftertaste (w/t), which stars Erik Thomson (Packed to the Rafters, The Luminaries), is the first South Australian project to commence production after months of COVID-19 delays, aided by the ground-breaking new Risk Assessment Tool, commissioned by the SAFC and developed by Deloitte Risk Advisory.

The series will act as a test case for the tool, which has been specially developed to assist producers to assess COVID-19 risk management issues for their production, and get cameras rolling again more quickly and easily in conjunction with national COVID-safe guidelines.

Minister for Innovation and Skills David Pisoni commended the SAFC for its leadership in developing the risk assessment tool which is now in demand nationally.

“It is testament to South Australian innovation for the SAFC to have engaged Deloitte Risk Advisory to deliver a product to fast-track a safe return to work for South Australian productions.”

“With Adelaide Studios back open for business, and South Australia one of the safest places in the world, it also opens up the state to attract both interstate and international productions,” Minister Pisoni said.

CEO of the South Australian Film Corporation Kate Croser said the Risk Assessment Tool will now be made available to South Australian producers and the SAFC has been proactively working with producers on upcoming productions to create bespoke solutions to address their needs.

“Each production is different and we have redirected funds into further development for projects that have needed to make changes to their production plans. We have committed to working with other financiers to address the extra costs of shooting in the COVID-era too.”

“We understand how essential this Tool is for producers to get their productions back on track, as risk assessment is a requirement of financiers. Our team has been fielding calls from all over the country.”

“Following our role on the national COVID-safe task-force, launching this ground-breaking Tool is yet another pillar of our strategy for industry recovery, and we are very grateful to Deloitte Risk Advisory for their role in its development,” Ms Croser said.

Deloitte South Australia Managing Partner, Hendri Mentz, said “Opening up the South Australian economy in a measured, safe way is critical to recover from the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic.  It has been an absolute privilege to work with the South Australian Film Corporation to develop the Risk Assessment Tool which will assist South Australian producers to confidently commence screen productions in our state.”

Aftertaste (w/t) stars Erik Thomson (Packed to the Rafters, The Luminaries) who will also produce together with Closer Productions’ (The Hunting, In My Blood it Runs) Rebecca Summerton and Matt Bate.

Closer Productions producer Rebecca Summerton said “It’s great to be back in production. I am delighted to be working with the Aftertaste (w/t) team and our production partners to bring this exciting new comedy to audiences.”

“Working with Deloitte and using the Tool gave our financiers the confidence to support the recommencement of pre on Aftertaste (w/t), enabling us to meet crucial deadlines for our lead cast availability and get back to work,” Ms Summerton said.

Erik Thomson stars as Easton West, an internationally renowned yet volatile celebrity chef whose spectacular fall from grace sees him return to his home town in the hills of Adelaide, where he endeavours to rebuild his career and restore his reputation, with the help of his talented, young, pastry-chef niece.

Aftertaste (w/t), will film in Adelaide and the Adelaide Hills in the coming months and premiere next year on ABC. 

Production Credits: Aftertaste (w/t) is a Closer production for the ABC. Major production investment from Screen Australia in association with the South Australian Film Corporation. Financed with support from the ABC.  Producers Rebecca Summerton, Matthew Bate and Erik Thomson. Executive Producer Julie De Fina.  Creators Julie De Fina and Matthew Bate. Writers Julie De Fina, Matthew Bate and Matt Vesely.  ABC Executive Producer Rebecca Anderson. 

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