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BTS on Aftertaste (2021), photo by Ian Routledge


COVID-19 Risk Assessment Tool

The SAFC has commissioned Deloitte to create a Risk Assessment Tool to help producers to manage their risk associated with COVID-19.

Please note the responsibilities of producers or other users of this tool in the Terms of Use, listed below and in the tool. Any use of this tool is subject to those terms which must be accepted before downloading the tool.

Terms of Use

SAFC Disclaimer

The SAFC commissioned Deloitte to create this tool to help producers to manage their risk associated with COVID-19. 

It is the responsibility of the producer (or other user of this tool) to:  

(a) manage risks associated with COVID-19;

(b) find such resources and information as is necessary to manage those risks,  including such information as is updated from time to time.  

Use of this tool is subject to the following terms:

– Use of the information and data contained within this tool is at your sole risk.

– If you rely on the information in this tool you are responsible for ensuring by independent verification its accuracy, currency or completeness.

– The information and data in this tool is subject to change without notice. The SAFC may revise these terms at any time by updating this disclaimer within the tool as is available online and any use of the tool will be subject to those revised terms.

– The SAFC, its agents, instrumentalities, officers and employees make no representations, express or implied, as to the accuracy of the information and data contained in this tool.

Limitations advised by Deloitte

Please note the following limitations advised by Deloitte of the work performed in creating this tool: ​

– Any projection of the evaluation of the control procedures is subject to the risk that the systems may become inadequate because of changes in conditions, or that the degree of compliance with them may deteriorate.

– Recommendations and suggestions for improvement should be assessed by users for their full commercial impact before they are implemented.

– We believe that the statements made in this risk assessment tool are accurate, but no warranty of completeness, accuracy, or reliability is given in relation to the statements and representations made by, and the information and documentation provided by SA Film Corporation personnel. We have notattempted to verify these sources independently unless otherwise noted within the tool.

– Deloitte accepts no responsibility for updates or changes to this document by the management of SA Film Corporation after 1 July 2020.

Please note further that SAFC does not intend to update this document and it is the user’s responsibility to ensure that any information used is up to date. 

Main image: On set of Aftertaste (2021), the first screen production to resume in South Australia after COVID delays, using the COVID-19 Risk Assessment Tool. Photo by Ian Routledge