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Running 62 (2018)



Zibeon Fielding, Aboriginal Torres Strait Islander man and long distance runner, is preparing to run a crazy 62 kilometres. Driven by passion to help those he loves, Zibeon will run further than he ever has before in the heart of Australian desert. He is determined to run from Iwantja to Mimili, raising funds to bring dialysis services to the remote APY Lands. We follow him on his journey of training and experience with him the mental and physical preparation required whilst living in one of Australia’s remotest and smallest communities. Training early mornings with the help of the camp dogs, his two year old daughter and his wife, Zibeon is a unique and driven man with a positive outlook on life. He wants to bring awareness that making healthy changes can give you a healthier, happier lifestyle to live longer and enjoy life.

PRODUCER: Molly O’Connor (SA)

DIRECTOR: Zibeon Fielding (SA), Madeleine Parry (SA)

WRITER: Zibeon Fielding (SA), Madeleine Parry (SA)

CO-PRODUCER: Zibeon Fielding (SA)


AVAILABLE NOW ON DEMAND: Vimeo (password: mimili)