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Konya (2018)



Sharptooth Pictures (SA)

Konya follows a middle aged Aboriginal woman who lives on her own in the community. Trapped in routine, Grace is determined to remain lonely and bored as punishment for her sins – her only connection with the world is the occasional visit from her nephew, Daniel, as he looks for cigarettes. With her days lost in the humdrum of a life alone and the mistakes of the past, Grace waits – for death or change, whichever comes first. When she gets a knock on the door from an unexpected visitor, Grace is given a second chance to make things right with her estranged daughter, Angelica. But Angelica has inherited her mother’s determination and looking for her own answers – and the two women find themselves at a crossroads: to forgive and be forgiven, or to punish for eternity. Konya explores the lasting damage between mother and daughter, the crosses they must bear for sins of the past, and the struggle within to say the hardest word of them all. Stars Ningali Lawford-Wolf, Natasha Wanganeen (SA), Derik Lynch (SA).

PRODUCER: Claire Bishop (SA), Peter Ninos (SA), Lucy Campbell (SA), Isaac Lindsay (SA)

DIRECTOR: Isaac Lindsay (SA)

WRITER: Isaac Lindsay (SA)