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From the moment 9 young Zimbabwean soccer players took the momentous decision to seek escape from a homeland racked by hyperinflation, political murders, and cholera our cameras have followed the dramatic story of their encounter with Australia, as they attempt to gain Asylum and escape from the hell that their homeland has descended into. They are utterly unfamiliar with this country. They have no money, no jobs, no homes, and little education. They have left wives, girlfriends and children back in Africa. This is the story of their struggle to survive, seek Asylum and establish themselves. It is also story about soccer. Their team and the boys attempts to become professional players in the Australian League. Beyond this it is about how soccer means hope for these young men, and provides a vital focus for many African migrants in this country. The observational documentary follows their story from the homeless world cup in December 2008, through to a point in later 2009 when their Asylum is granted and they can be reunited with their loved ones in their new home.

PRODUCER: Lucy Maclaren, James Maiden

DIRECTOR: Helen Gaynor, James Maiden