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Are You Addicted to Technology (2021)




Closer Productions (SA), Joined Up Films

Premiering on SBS On Demand on 21 April, 2021, world first interactive documentary Are You Addicted to Technology? invites audiences to go on a journey of enlightenment to discover how concerned we should be about our relationship with technology by offering a personalised investigation into the user’s own tech dependency through an interactive questionnaire built into the documentary. Hosted by child psychiatrist Dr. Kim Le, who has himself experienced gaming addiction, this first-of-its-kind experiment exclusive to SBS On Demand will guide users through the matrix of technology addiction, revealing the tricks used by Big Tech that draw us to their products to help us understand how we got here, and what we should do next. Cutting edge visual effects accompany the built-in questionnaire which prompts the audience to answer Dr. Kim Le’s questions. The tailored results will be a wake-up call for those who have become victims of the lucrative attention economy. The documentary also explores the impact of technology on the next generation and the worrying trends within the classroom.

PRODUCER: Matt Bate (SA)

DIRECTOR: Matt Bate (SA)

AVAILABLE NOW ON DEMAND: SBS On Demand (iOS, TVOS and iPad only)