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Vale Jock Blair

29 May 2020
SAFC Head of Production in the 1980s Jock Blair
Writer and producer Jock Blair. Photo courtesy Caroline Russo

The SAFC is saddened to hear of the passing of Australian writer and producer Jock Blair.

As Head of Production at the SAFC for much of the 1980s Jock was a seminal figure in the early evolution of the Corporation, producing and executive producing classic SAFC TV series such as Sara Dane, Under Capricorn and The Shiralee, and feature films Playing Beatie Bow and Robbery Under Arms.

His storied career also includes writing for hit dramas Homicide and The Sullivans, which he also co-created and produced, and writing for Australian entertainment icon Graham Kennedy, who gave Jock his start in TV as his personal assistant at the age of 17.

SAFC CEO Kate Croser said: “Jock Blair was an accomplished writer and producer, and remains an important part of SAFC history. We are proud to have so many of his great productions in our catalogue, and hope audiences continue to enjoy them for many years to come.”

Many of Jock’s SAFC productions are available to watch on-demand. Click the production tiles below to learn more about them, including links to streaming services.

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