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Set Construction Workshop for Adelaide Studios

04 September 2017

The Heysen Hicks Set Construction Workshop officially opens today, with the purpose-built workshop enhancing Adelaide Studios’ status as a world-class production hub for innovative and acclaimed production.

The Workshop has been named after internationally acclaimed filmmakers Scott Hicks and Kerry Heysen, who have both have made an immense contribution to the South Australian Screen Industry.

The new Workshop will enable Adelaide Studios to build sets on-site, adding to the existing facilities of two sound stages, a state-of-the-art Dolby Premier 7.1 Mixing Theatre, ADR and Foley Studios, a 100-seat screening theatre, modern production offices and art departments. 

Further enhancing South Australia’s advantages as a production destination, the SAFC Production App, is now live. It showcases the State’s extraordinary locations and provides a directory of the State’s globally recognised crew and services, filming permissions and more. 

Read the full media release here.

Download the SAFC Production App here.

Featured image: The Heysen Hicks Set Construction Workshop
Photo by Kelly Barnes

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