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20 July 2018

South Australian Film Corporation (SAFC) today launched an inclusive approach to skills development for content makers with disability under the banner of FULL TILT.

The first new initiative launched under the Delivering Diversity umbrella of programs announced by the SAFC in April, FULL TILT joins the Gender Agenda and the Aboriginal Screen Strategy, delivering practitioner and content programs for a multiplicity of voices under-represented in the screen industry.

Courtney Gibson, CEO of the South Australian Film Corporation said “Delivering Diversity is all about removing barriers to careers in the screen sector for a wide range of under-represented voices. SAFC is committed to working with industry to deliver positive change and enrich our working environments, to grow the industry and audiences alike.”

FULL TILT will be informed by internationally renowned leader in disability arts, Gaelle Mellis in the newly created role of SAFC Disability Strategy Executive. A passionate advocate for accessibility and diversity in the arts, Ms Mellis has served as Creative Director of Access2Arts SA, and as Vice Chair of Arts Access Australia.

SAFC Disability Strategy Executive Gaelle Mellis said “For too long our stories have been told by others and non-disabled actors continue to win awards for ‘cripping up’. This has to stop. We want to tell our own stories and see ourselves represented authentically. Disability is a normal part of life. Disabled people can shed light on different aspects of the lived human experience with our stories adding to the richness and diversity of our cultural landscape.”

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