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SAFC bids farewell to Board member Tony Ayres

01 March 2023
Tony Ayres

The SAFC bids farewell and thank you to SAFC Board Member Tony Ayres, who is finishing with the Board this month after three years of service.

A founding member of internationally renowned Australian production company Matchbox Pictures and founder of Tony Ayres Productions, with credits including award-winning ABC drama series Stateless, Fires and Glitch and US Netflix series Clickbait, Tony brought invaluable national and international industry experience and knowledge to the SAFC Board during his tenure.

In particular, he has provided deep insights in developing and producing feature films and television for global audiences and international marketplaces.

SAFC CEO Kate Croser said: “As an award-winning Australian showrunner, writer and director with an internationally acclaimed reputation, Tony has brought a deeply informed and astute industry voice to the SAFC Board. His wealth of production experience, global marketplace knowledge and extensive networks have all been invaluable to the organisation and helped shape future directions for the continued growth of the sector. On behalf of the SAFC, I’d like to thank Tony for his contribution and look forward to seeing what incredible productions he creates next.”

SAFC Interim Board Chair Miriam Silva AM said: “Tony’s insights into the screen industry both nationally and globally, and his strong support for boosting and progressing diversity and inclusion in the sector, have been crucial to steering SAFC agency strategy. On behalf of the SAFC Board and team I’d like to thank him for his dedication and commitment to supporting and championing the SA screen sector.”

Departing SAFC Member Tony Ayres said: “It has been an honour to serve on the SAFC Board, particularly during a time of such remarkable industry growth. I’d like to thank the SAFC staff and Board members for their support, and I look forward to watching the continued growth and success of the South Australian screen industry.”

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