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SAFC attracts Matchbox and Screentime to open Adelaide offices partnering with SA producer or production company

02 November 2017

The South Australian Film Corporation (SAFC) is accelerating its drive into drama series production by partnering with two of Australia’s premier TV drama houses; Matchbox Pictures (Deadline Gallipoli, Glitch, Wanted, The Family Law, Barracuda) and Screentime (The Secret Daughter, Wolf Creek TV, Pine Gap, Anzac Girls, Janet King). Both companies will establish offices in Adelaide for the next two years to develop drama series and bring increased production to the State while developing local writing and directing talent for highend TV drama series.

The SAFC is now inviting South Australian producers or production companies to apply for the opportunity to partner with one of these two interstate companies and head up their South Australian-based offices. SAFC will provide $250,000 over two years towards the running of each of the new Adelaide offices covering overheads, travel and TV drama series development funding.

Applications for the TV Producer Partnership Initiative are due 4th December 2017

Additionally, a new and separate TV Development Grant for writers and producers will be launched this week. The initiative can support an SA Producer and/or Writer with the opportunity to develop high-end television drama. Up to $40,000 will be provided for up to 2 TV drama series with the funds to be used for the development of a series bible including story rooms, series outlines, script editors, plotting sessions, and completion of a pilot episode.

Applications for the TV Development Grant are due 12th February 2018

Read the full media release here. 

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