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New SAFC board members and interim presiding member appointed

12 December 2022
SAFC Board members Angela Heesom, Shouwn Oosting and Lauren Hillman
New appointees to the SAFC Board (L-R) Angela Heesom, Shouwn Oosting and Lauren Hillman.

The South Australian Film Corporation (SAFC) board will be strengthened by the addition of three new business and screen leaders and the appointment of an interim Chair following the resignation of Julie Cooper this month.

The new board members, appointed until 7 December 2025, are:

Current board member Miriam Silva AM has been appointed interim Chair until the appointment of a new Chair. Rebecca Summerton will also leave the board upon the completion of her term on 11 December, 2022.

Minister for Arts Andrea Michaels MP said: “Congratulations to the new appointees to the SAFC board. Their individual expertise and collective experience will provide fresh perspective and help to steer the SAFC into the future.

Ms Hillman’s extensive time at Channel 44 will add invaluable experience to the board. Mr Oosting – who is currently on the SAFC’s First Nations Screen Advisory and Reconciliation Action Plan committees – brings a wealth of experience in both the private and public sector. Ms Heesom’s experience – including setting up the state’s first dedicated casting agency more than 20 years ago – will also be an asset for the SAFC.

“I also want to congratulate Miriam Silva AM on her appointment as interim Chair – her experience on the board will help as the new appointees settle into their roles.

“My thanks to outgoing presiding member Julie Cooper for the valuable contribution that she has made during her time as Chair, and also to outgoing board member Rebecca Summerton, whose term on the board concludes.”

SAFC CEO Kate Croser said: “As the SAFC’s 50th anniversary year draws to a close I am pleased to welcome these three new members to the SAFC Board who each bring invaluable knowledge and experience in their fields: seasoned screen industry members Angela Heesom, of Heesom Casting, Lauren Hillman, of Channel 44, and business consultant and current SAFC First Nations Screen Advisory Committee member Shouwn Oosting. I look forward to working with them to continue bolstering the SAFC’s support of the South Australian screen sector.

“I am also delighted to continue working with long-serving SAFC Board member Miriam Silva AM as she takes on the role of interim Chair. With more than 20 years’ experience across multiple industries and sectors, and extensive Board experience across organisations and agencies both in SA and interstate, Miriam has always brought a wealth of knowledge and skill to the SAFC Board, and I look forward to her steering the agency with continued stability in this interim role while the recruitment process is underway for a new Chair.

“I once again thank outgoing Chair Julie Cooper for her leadership, and for her significant contribution to strengthening the SAFC and ensuring strong support for the SA screen sector. I also thank outgoing member Rebecca Summerton for enriching the Board with her deep local industry knowledge and networks over her three years of service. I wish both Julie and Bec well for their future endeavours.”

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