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New Audience and Industry Development grant recipients announced

24 July 2019

Film festivals for youth, women and Kangaroo Island, a film editing competition and a short course for mothers returning to work in the screen industry are among the recipients of the South Australian Film Corporation’s (SAFC) new Audience and Industry Development Grants, announced today by Minister for Innovation and Skills David Pisoni.

Minister Pisoni said the SAFC’s Industry Development Program supports organisations to identify and address skills gaps and continuing advancement opportunities for South Australian screen practitioners, while the Audience Development Program supports innovative approaches to expand and build new audiences.

“I congratulate all recipients for their inventive approaches and commitment to growing the local screen sector. As well as targeting emerging talent, these initiatives also offer ongoing professional development, and the chance to create collaborations, networks, pathways and partnerships. The Marshall Liberal Government recognises the importance of supporting those individuals and organisations who are creating opportunities for South Australians, resulting in strong audience screen culture, and sustained and improved employment outcomes in the sector,” Minister Pisoni said.

SAFC Head of Industry Development, Partnerships and Engagement Satu Teppo said “These new Industry Development and Audience Development programs further strengthen the South Australian Film Corporation’s commitment to fostering new talent in the State’s screen industry, and to expanding and building new screen audiences. It is wonderful to be able to support so many innovative new projects, festivals, events and more through these inaugural grants, further enriching South Australia’s thriving screen culture.”

Industry Development Grant Recipients

Audience Development Grant Recipients

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