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Level up these holidays with SA made video games

07 December 2022
SA made games to play over the 2022 holiday break (L-R) Joon Shining, Star Trek Lower Decks, Horse Riding Tales, RITE
South Australian made video games (L-R) Joon Shining, Star Trek Lower Decks, Horse Riding Tales, RITE

With the holiday season approaching it’s the perfect time to sit back and play some great games. South Australia is home to a huge number of talented developers, so we’ve rounded up a short list of games made locally for you to play over the break!

This is just a small selection of South Australian made games showing the incredible and diverse talent in the industry.

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Immerse yourself

Exo One (2021)

Exo One

A strange signal… an alien craft… an interplanetary, gravity-defying journey through space and time.

Made by SA developer Jay Weston of Exbleative, Exo One was developed with funding from the SAFC’s Games Innovation Fund in 2019 and has since been released worldwide to critical acclaim.

We love to immerse ourselves in the beautiful landscapes and music Exo One has to offer, while flying a unique alien craft. This is definitely one to draw you in!

Play it anywhere

Star Trek Lower Decks (2022)

Star Trek Lower Decks

Made by SA game studio Mighty Kingdom, and supported by the SAFC through the SA VGD Rebate, Star Trek Lower Decks Mobile gives you the chance to tap through classic Star Trek stories in the humorous style of Lower Decks. Enjoy your favourite storylines with a fresh funny twist – and maybe even give them new endings!

Based on the animated series of the same name, Star Trek Lower Decks lets you spend more time with the charming characters in a relaxing game perfect for playing on the go.

Play with friends

Horse Riding Tales by Foxie Games

Horse Riding Tales

Begin your journey from lowly stable hand to dressage and horse racing super star! Join SA developer Foxie Games’ horse-loving online world where you can customise your character, tame and race beautiful wild horses, bring them to your stable and train so you can become an equestrian show jumping champion.

We love games that let players connect and socialise, and Horse Riding Tales is perfect for that. Customising your horse is so much better when you can show off to your friends.

This game is proudly supported by the SAFC through the SA VGD Rebate.

Test your skills

Rite by Pond Games


Made by SA’s Pond Games, RITE is a high-speed, precision platformer where you must conquer a series of challenging trials, a rite of passage for every Nim.

We adore the pixel art aesthetic, charming music and deceptively easy controls. Don’t let the look fool you though, RITE is a tough-as-nails platformer that will test your skill!

Read more about developer Dan Freer of Pond Games in the SAFC’s recent SA Game Creatives Spotlight article.

Try it early

Joon Shining by Orchard of Redemption

Joon Shining

Master the elements. Explore mystical worlds. Harness ancient powers. Joon Shining is an enchanted golf-like platformer with a fantasy twist.

Available on early access, Joon Shining is a great way to play a local game during development.

With continued updates from the developer, SA based Orchid of Redemption, there’s plenty to keep diving back in to enjoy!

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