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Flat Shoes on a Red Carpet

12 November 2015

The idea of gender equality in the screen sector is not so much a campaign as a strange, vast rush of common sense. It is sweeping onwards from the raw facts that women are more than half the audience, the sector has been civilised by the appearance of women in the work environment, while everyone wants their beautiful daughters to get a fair deal and their barbarian sons to grow up as decent human beings.

But the issue goes much further than that, as the ‘Flat Shoes on the Red Carpet’ session at the Adelaide Film Festival revealed. Ten key women around the festival and the local film community were asked how they would change the world if they were given two million dollars. It was one of the most sheerly pleasurable sessions I have seen for a long time. 

Read the full ScreenHub article here ….

Featured image: SAFC CEO Annabelle Sheehan

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