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Behind the scenes: Mortal Kombat

04 March 2021

With the premiere of South Australian filmed blockbuster Mortal Kombat just weeks away, Warner Bros have released the first official glimpse behind-the-scenes of the epic action thriller, with new photos showing the on-set action with stars Hiroyuki Sanada, Lewis Tan and Ludi Lin.

The biggest screen production ever made in the state, the highly anticipated feature film is set to be a super showcase of South Australia’s screen production capability including crew, PDV, and locations, with the photos and newly released trailer giving audiences their first taste of what to expect. 

  • BTS Mortal Kombat - Director-Simon-McQuoid-with-Hiroyuki-Sanada-as-Scorpian-Photo-by-Mark-Rogers-Warner-Bros
  • BTS Mortal Kombat - Hiroyuki-Sanada-as-Scorpian-Photo-by-Mark-Rogers,-Warner-Bros
  • BTS Mortal Kombat - Director-Simon-McQuoid-with-Lewis-Tan-as-Cole-Young-Photo-by-Simon-Westlake-Warner-Bros
  • BTS Mortal Kombat - Ludi-Lin-as-Liu-Kang-Photo-by-Mark-Rogers,-Warner-Bros

From vast red deserts to lush forests and gritty city streets, South Australia’s stunning locations will be in the spotlight in the film, with the trailer showing bloody battle action unfolding against the dramatic landscapes of Coober Pedy’s spectacular Painted Desert, the gritty streets of Port Adelaide, and the lush forests of Mount Crawford, in the Adelaide Hills, standing in for ancient Japan. 

Director Simon McQuoid told IGN South Australia’s locations were so incredible, they barely needed visual effects enhancement.

“I wanted to bring a realism and an authenticity and non-VFX feel to these unreal worlds,” he said.

“We shot in a disused coal mine in the middle of Australia, and pretty much in-camera. That was a pretty incredible location. So the locations we used and the places we found, I really wanted it to feel as in-camera as possible, and we just enhanced what was there.”

Mortal Kombat will premiere to Australian audiences in cinemas on 15 April, 2021.

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