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A dance film triptych about our human need to connect and the urgent games we play. Created in collaboration with Adelaide’s acclaimed Restless Dance Theatre which works with young dancers with and without a disability: Moths – Co-directed and choreographed by Paul Zivkovich Two men collide in a dank night world, drenched with loss and heavy with hope. Who do you see in your dreams? Sixteen – Co-directed and choreographed by Kat Worth A coming of age game about the joy, nervousness, desire and intimacy of the different kinds of connections a young woman will, did or might have in her life. Necessity – Co-directed and choreographed by Tuula Roppola A game between two girls eternally bound together as they trace their lives onto the walls of their room and try to get below the surface.

PRODUCER: Bryan Mason & Sophie Hyde with Restless Dance Theatre

DIRECTOR: Sophie Hyde