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SAFC’s Adelaide Studios celebrates 10 years of stellar screen production

20 October 2021
Adelaide Studios, rear view - photo by Peter Barnes
The SAFC’s Adelaide Studios production facilities, photo by Peter Barnes.

Happy 10th anniversary, Adelaide Studios!

On this day in 2011 South Australia saw the official opening of the state’s first purpose-built screen production facilities in Glenside – the new home of screen production in South Australia, and the new home of the SAFC.

With two sound stages, production offices, a 100 seat screening theatre, Dolby Premier 7.1 mixing theatre and set construction workshop, Adelaide Studios is just one of the many reasons South Australia is internationally renowned for high quality screen production – along with our:

Celebratory Messages

We’re not the only ones celebrating this special milestone – check out these happy birthday messages and anecdotes from some of the many icons of Australian screen who have worked at the SAFC’s Adelaide Studios on feature films and TV series made there over the last decade.

Click to watch our Youtube playlist of heartwarming tributes to the SAFC’s Adelaide Studios from icons of Australian screen.
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