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SAFC partners with Umbrella Entertainment to re-release South Aussie screen Classics

29 May 2017

Cannes: The South Australian Film Corporation and Umbrella Entertainment today announced a partnership to give iconic South Australian film and television productions from the 1970s, 80s and 90s, a new life for audiences worldwide.

SUNDAY TOO FAR AWAY (1975), BREAKER MORANT (1979), THE CLUB (1980), STORM BOY (1976), MONEY MOVERS (1978) and THE SHIRALEE (1986) are among 25 SAFC-produced titles to be re-launched into the marketplace across multiple platforms by Umbrella Entertainment, in some cases with special features.

The announcement was made from the Cannes Film Festival by SAFC CEO Annabelle Sheehan who said these key heritage titles, representing South Australia’s unique cinematic voice, would sit perfectly within Umbrella Entertainment’s slate. 

Umbrella Entertainment is an Australian film distribution company headed by Jeff Harrison which specialises in content for theatrical exhibition, home entertainment, TV broadcasting, online download platforms and all ancillary. The catalogue of over 200 titles features includes many rare, classic and cult titles. Umbrella’s recent restoration includes: The Chant of Jimmie Blacksmith, Road Games, Long Weekend, The Man From Hong Kong, Dark Age, Cosi, Body Melt, Malcolm and Angel Baby to name just a few.

Read the full media release here.

Featured image: Umbrella Entertainment logo

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