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SAFC and AiF connect South Australian producers with US market through unique online initiative

07 December 2021
L-R Kristian Moliere and Julie Byrne of Triptych Pictures, Kirsty Stark of Epic Films, Marion Pilowsky of Corner Table Productions

Three South Australian production companies will strengthen their connections with the US film and television industry without having to leave Adelaide through the Charlie’s Virtual Residency, a new initiative from the SAFC and Australians in Film (AiF).

Delivered by AiF and supported by the SAFC, Charlie’s Virtual Residency is an online version of AiF’s Los Angeles screen hub Charlie’s, a creative workspace for the Australian film making community in the US to conduct business, collaborate and network.

Producers from three Adelaide based companies have been selected for the Residency, with the aim of expanding their knowledge and networks with the international screen marketplace:

The unique online initiative features a bespoke program of facilitated group sessions with US screen practitioners from film and television production companies, development executives, managers and agents, as well as individual meetings with AiF Executive Director Peter Ritchie and US Industry Consultant Jennifer Kushner. The program will also include tailored sessions covering the US industry and market intelligence and insights into how South Australian practitioners can compete in the international market.

SAFC CEO Kate Croser said: “I congratulate Triptych Pictures, Epic Films and Corner Table Productions, three of South Australia’s most experienced and dynamic production companies, on being selected for this targeted online initiative which will help them connect to the international marketplace in exciting new ways.”

AiF Executive Director Peter Ritchie said “Given their recent slate of projects, these three South Australian production companies have been on AiF’s radar for some time. We are excited to start working with them more closely in developing their projects further and providing them with the most up-to-date market insights and knowledge from LA.”

Founded in 2001, Australians in Film is a Los Angeles based non-profit film, television and digital content foundation that supports and promotes Australian screen talent, business and culture in the United States.


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