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From Dream to Screen in only 48 hours

14 September 2016

21 October – 23 October, hundreds of people in Adelaide will race to complete a film in just one weekend.

The 48 Hour Film Project started as a local film challenge among friends in 2001. Since then, it has since evolved into a global phenomenon and the world’s largest filmmaking competition, challenging more than 60,000 people across nearly 160 cities to complete a film in a mere 48 hours.

On Friday 21 October, participating teams will gather at the competition kick off where they will be given a genre, a character, a prop, and a line of dialogue they must work into their film. The teams must then write, shoot, edit and score their films in just 48 hours. The films must be 4 minutes to 7 minutes in duration. Films must be submitted by 7.30pm on Sunday 23 October. Films submitted even 1 minute late will be disqualified.


Read more details here.

Featured image: The 48 Hour Film Project logo

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