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Applications now open for the Pirrku Kuu Hub

25 November 2016


The South Australian Film Corporation announces The Pirrku Kuu Hub for South Australian Aboriginal Screenmakers in 2017.
The Pirrku Kuu Hub is a key initiative of the South Australian Film Corporation’s Aboriginal Screen Strategy 2015-2020.  Located at the Adelaide Studios, Pirrku Kuu, a Kaurna term meaning ‘Story Room’, will be situated alongside screen industry businesses, including award winning production companies, animators/game developers and a casting director.   
The Pirrku Kuu Hub offers administrative benefits for Aboriginal Screenmakers these include; access to dedicated desk and office space, computer, internal phone, printing, kitchen facilities and WIFI as well as access to meeting rooms.
Launched by the South Australian Film Corporation’s Aboriginal Screen Strategy Executive, Lee-Ann Buckskin, The Pirrku Kuu Hub provides an important opportunity for Aboriginal screen practitioners to be embedded within a vibrant screen sector in South Australia.  With a growing demand for First Nations stories and screen production, the South Australian Film Corporation is committed to increasing the presence and diversity of South Australian Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander stories on screen.  This commitment includes providing opportunities for professional development and pathways to building valuable industry partnerships, with The Pirrku Kuu Hub being a cornerstone of the program.

Featured image: Pirrku Kuu Hub
Photo by Kelly Barnes

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