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Altitude boards sales on SA made true crime docu-drama Speedway

08 February 2023
Speedway, image supplied.

South Australian made and SAFC supported true-crime feature documentary Speedway from first-time filmmakers Luke Rynderman and Adam Kamien has been boarded by Altitude Film Sales, who will introduce the project to buyers and present first footage at the upcoming European Film Market.

SA producers Anna Vincent (I am Mother), and Bonnie McBride (Demonic) developed and produced Speedway through their company Ringleader Films, with SA producer Lisa Scott of Highview Productions (The Tourist) joining the the team last year. The film was shot on location in and around Adelaide, with post production taking place at the SAFC’s Adelaide Studios.

The film digs deep into one of the United States’ most baffling unsolved cases: the bungled evidence and myriad theories of how and why four young employees were kidnapped and brutally slain following the closing shift at a burger restaurant in Speedway, Indiana in 1978.

Filmmakers Rynderman and Kamien, friends since childhood, have been interviewing, researching, and investigating the story of the doomed teens for much of the past decade, their dedication driven by the desire to solve the case.

“We’re grateful to be telling the story with direct involvement from those close to the case – victims’ families, law enforcement, witnesses, accused. This was a spontaneous crime, there should have been clues, and it should have been solved. Our hope is that in some way our film will be a catalyst for closure,” the filmmakers said.

Four stellar young cast play the victims: Davida McKenzie (Silent Night), Nya Cofie (The PM’s Daughter), and introducing Essie Randles and Jo Cumpston.

The resultant feature is a stunning blend of interviews, archive, and beautifully filmed drama sequences from SA DOP Maxx Corkindale (The Survival of Kindness), edited by SA’s Sean Lahiff (I am Mother, Jungle) with award-winning composer Antony Partos.

Speedway was developed and produced by SA’s Ringleader Films, produced with Hianlo, and produced in association with Highview Productions. Producers are SA’s Bonnie McBride, SA’s Anna Vincent, Louise Nathanson and SA producer Lisa Scott.

Major investment is provided by Screen Australia, in association with The South Australian Film Corporation and the Adelaide Film Festival.  Umbrella Entertainment will distribute in Australia and New Zealand.

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