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Freedom (2018)



Firestick Films (SA), Scuti Productions (SA)

Upon completing his six years in jail, after taking the wrap for his brother Chris’s crime, Rick finds his family in financial hardship and he is unable to acquire a job to help provide. In the hopes of finding financial freedom for their family, Rick is lured by Chris into a uniquely well devised and low risk method of bank robbing, and the boys quickly become successful career criminals. Their success is short lived as Rick is unaware that his older brother stole this full-proof method from another career criminal, who is now demanding full compensation, drawing the brothers into a high-stakes conflict for their freedom, family, the money, and redemption. Stars Marley Sharp, Tysan Towney, Thibul Nettle.

PRODUCER: Thibul Nettle aka Stinga-T (SA), Nick Buckland (SA)

DIRECTOR: David Muggleton (SA)

WRITER: Thibul Nettle aka Stinga-T (SA)

Available to watch now: YouTube