SA Film Corporation

Funding Deadlines

Please note all programs and dates referenced for the next financial year are indicative only and are subject to the SAFC’s annual budget and operational programs review process. See also Board dates below.


  1. Screen Production Investment – 30 business days prior to SAFC Board meeting dates
  2. PDV Rebate- 30 business days prior SAFC Board meeting dates
  3. Revolving Film Fund (RFF) –30 business days prior to SAFC Board meeting dates
  4. Payroll Tax Exemption – At any time 
  5. Short Film Production Grant – TBA
  6. Aboriginal Short Film Initiative -  TBA
  7. Recce Assistance – At any time



  1. Early Development Grant - At any time
  2. Advanced Development Grant - At any time 
  3. Aboriginal Project Development Grant – TBA
  4. Attachment Scheme - During film call outs 
  5. Career Accelerator - Placement LA: TBA  Match Me: TBA
  6. Targeted Travel Grant - At any time
  7. Pirrku Ku Room - 31 January 2018
  8. Universal Pictures Home Entertainment Content Group Australia & SAFC Matched Market Development Initiative - 2 April 2018



SAFC Board Dates and Deadlines