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Revolving Film Fund (RFF)

Submissions: 30 business days prior to SAFC Board meeting dates.

SAFC supports the financing of South Australian drama and documentary screen production initiatives.

The Revolving Film Fund (RFF) is a financing facility administered by the South Australian Film Corporation (SAFC).

Through the RFF, the SAFC provides secured loans to finance long-form dramas and documentaries which are either stand-alone projects or series.

Generally, there are three types of loans available under this scheme:

• Producer Offset loans are available to cash flow the Producer Offset for eligible Australian productions; and

• Distribution Guarantee / Licence Fee loans are available to cash flow distribution guarantees or licence fees from reputable distributors, broadcasters or sales agents.

• SA PDV Loans are available to cash flow the SA PDV Rebate for projects also receiving production funding from SAFC.

South Australian based production companies engaged in producing major production initiatives in South Australia; and non-South Australian production companies with a project which will undertake significant amount of production in South Australia are eligible for these loans.


Revolving Film Fund Guidelines
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