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Attachment Scheme

This scheme attaches South Australian screen production practitioners to a department or crew role in order to gain paid on-set experience that will develop their career in the screen industry.

The scheme is available to support:

  • emerging practitioners and recent graduates;
  • mid-career and established crew / key creatives returning from an absence from the industry;
  • seeking to advance to a more senior role in their field; or
  • transition to a new department.

The SAFC is committed to creating equity of opportunity for practitioners, crew and key creatives from under-represented groups including women, Aboriginal practitioners, people from culturally and linguistically diverse (CALD) backgrounds, regional South Australians, practitioners with disability and those from the LGBTQI community in line with SAFC’s Strategic Plan and its commitment to Delivering Diversity in the South Australian screen industry.

Projects with SAFC production investment require the production to engage South

Australian Attachments in accordance with the scheme guidelines. The number of

Attachments required is guided by the level of SAFC production finance.

November 2018 Screen Production Investment Guidelines | South Australian Film Corporation | 5 / 6

Projects applying for SAFC production grant:

  • over $100,000 are required to budget for one paid attachment;
  • over $200,000 required to budget for two paid attachments.

Expressions of Interest for Attachments will be accepted at any time and kept on file for upcoming opportunities.

In order to be eligible for the scheme, applicants need to also meet the basic eligibility criteria as detailed in the SAFC General Guidelines & Terms of Trade as follows:

  • is a South Australian resident;
  • relevant industry experience (outside of secondary or tertiary education);
  • is not a full time student.

Only practitioners who meet the eligibility criteria will be forwarded to productions.

All enquiries on the Attachment Scheme and filling out the form should be directed to or direct line 8394 2028.

Attachment Scheme Guidelines
General Guidelines & Terms of Trade

Application Form
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