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Bird in Hand Nest Anytime

Welcome to Charlie's!

The Bird In Hand Nest Anytime is a program that offers South Australian key creatives a dedicated workspace at Charlie’s – Australians in Film’s Los Angeles HQ at Raleigh Studios.

This program provides South Australian writers, directors and producers the opportunity to hang their shingle out in Hollywood, whether they're in LA for meetings or to actively write and develop projects, we aim to offer our people a flexible and supportive temporary work environment, for a few days, up to a few weeks.  The SAFC is pleased to offer access to this space in partnership with Australians in Film (AiF) and Bird In Hand. 


Image 1: The Work Room - This is a designated space for residents to work from 

Image 2: The Mermaid Room - A meeting and intimate event space which residents are able to book

Image 3: Reception - This operates as an office for the AiF team

Image Credit: Hareth Tayem

Bird In Hand Nest Anytime Guidelines

Bird In Hand Nest Anytime Application Form