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Major Moogy Sumner AM

First Nations Advisory Committee member Major Moogy Sumner
SAFC First Nations Advisory Committee member Major Moogy Sumner

“It’s important for our community to work within screen to preserve our culture and storytelling so people can see and understand who we are. The SAFC is providing pathways for generations to come to tell our stories.”

Major “Moogy” Sumner AM is a world renowned performer and cultural ambassador of Ngarrindjeri arts, crafts, martial arts and traditional culture. His work spans performance, traditional dance and song, cultural advice, and arts and crafts, such as wood carving, and martial arts techniques using his handcrafted traditional shields, clubs, boomerangs and spears. He is a strong supporter of innovative art and has featured in many media productions and cultural collaborations.

In 2011, Major Sumner crafted the first Ngarrindjeri bark canoe on Ngarrindjeri/ Boandik country in South East SA in more than a century, reconnecting his communities with the traditional art of canoe-building. He is constantly reminding his audience to consider that Ngarrindjeri culture is a living culture, spanning thousands of years.

In 2010 he initiated the inaugural Ringbalin Murrundi Rover Spirit project, reigniting the ceremonial fires along ancient trade routes of the Darling and Murray Rivers, which is continuing as an annual arts project. He was also a co-producer of the Ringbalin interactive project (2012).

Major Sumner lives and works in Adelaide and Camp Coorong, South Australia. He serves as a Ngarrindjeri Regional Authority board member, as a board member of Black Dance Australia, and as the artistic director of the Tal-Kin-Jeri dance group. His company performs regularly at festivals, events and community celebrations.

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