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First Nations Screen Strategy


Elaine Crombie

First Nations Advisory Committee member Elaine Crombie
SAFC First Nations Advisory Committee member Elaine Crombie.

“I’m excited about the SAFC’s First Nations Screen Strategy, as it brings to the forefront the acknowledgement that we are on Aboriginal land, sovereignty never ceded, and we create on Aboriginal land.”

Elaine Crombie is a South Australian Pitjantjatjara Yankunytjatjara actor, director, producer, singer/songwriter, standup comedian and writer who has appeared in multiple plays, TV series and films.

Her television credits include Top of the Lake, How to Stay Married, Rosehaven S2, Grace Beside Me, 8MMM Aboriginal Radio, Nowhere Boys S4, Get Krack!n, Black Comedy, Redfern Now, and Kiki and Kitty, and she has appeared in the films Jackie Jackie, Black Talk and Top End Wedding.

In 2019 Elaine and her mother Lillian were the subject of SAFC supported and SA made SBS documentary short, Deadly Family Portraits: Crombie Crew.

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