SA Film Corporation


“The Studios and associated facilities at the SAFC are truly world class. Aligned with the accessibility of a great variety of locations and some first class crew and post production houses, the Studios make Adelaide and South Australia an excellent option when exploring shooting and/or posting in Australia”. 

Tim White, Producer 


"From the moment I first laid eyes on the gothic facade of the Adelaide Studio’s building, I knew the  journey ahead  would be memorable and  impressive.  Adelaide offered scale and scope for the WOLF CREEK television series unlike anywhere else in Australia. The proximity to endless options for landscapes is mesmerising. The crew are seasoned and second to none.  It was a privilege to work with the SAFC and with the beautiful facilities that they offer. I look forward to returning very soon!"

Elisa Argenzio,  Producer , Wolf Creek TV Series (2015)


"South Australia has once again turned on its charm, welcoming Deadline Gallipoli and its inbound producers, cast and crew to the State - showcasing our architectural, cultural and historical gems and beautiful, cinematic landscapes and settings in which to place drama.  This included settings as diverse as Egypt, France, Greece and of course Turkey. The hard working operations team at the Adelaide Studios have again delivered a user-friendly and sophisticated facility, in which to comfortably and collaboratively produce the series. All of which helps to underscore and promote South Australia as a premier destination for film and television production in this country."

Paul Ranford, Line Producer, Deadline Gallipoli (2014)


"Adelaide Studios is an incredible production facility. The production offices here are excellent, probably the best in the country in my experience and the infrastructure of the Adelaide Studios, I mean the people here are just brilliant."

Penny Chapman, Producer, Deadline Gallipoli (2014)


"Studios like this don't really exist (elsewhere in Australia). This is American standard. For an undertaking of this scale, which is very ambitious, we need the highest calibre and we need the best kind of facility we can find."

Sam Worthington, Executive Producer and Lead Actor Deadline Gallipoli (2014)


"The new Dolby Premier accredited stage at the Adelaide Studios is truly a state of the art, thing of beauty and grace. The front of the room is located slightly below ground level, resulting in a very solid and accurate bottom end that rivals all the very best mixing rooms I have known the world over. The Harrison MPC provides a reassuring familiarity and comfort factor while simultaneously offering up the latest in profiling options. This combination ideally lends itself to empowering mixers to shape the soundtrack in the rapid and rewarding manner that all clients clearly appreciate. In addition to all this technical splendour, SAFC has the added bonus of being staffed with some truly knowledgeable and friendly people; who happily roll up their sleeves provide the "Can Do!", "Never Say Die!" attitude that makes us all proud to be Australian. I look forward to my next trip to the city of churches."

Robert Mackenzie, Sound Designer - Re-Recording Mixer


"An extraordinary place to work. Adelaide Studios and its crews have a deserved reputation on par with the most experienced in Australia. It is rare to find a location that can not only provide world class studio facilities, but that can also double as WWI France, and we are thrilled we found it at Glenside." 

Lisa Scott, Series Producer ANZAC Girls (2013) 


"The SAFC’s new studios at Glenside were the clincher for us coming here. On top of that, and this only opened up to us later, all of the other areas around the studio site at Glenside proved extraordinarily useful."

Des Monaghan, Executive Producer ANZAC Girls (2013)


"The ability of South Australia to offer dramatic, unique and stunning landscapes, mixed with towns of distinctive original character, all supported by world class facilities, was a major part of our decision to shoot in South Australia. We found the Adelaide Studios incredibly accommodating to our needs - flexible and willing to work with us on different elements of production we needed. They were simply great."

Liz Watts, Producer The Rover (2013)


"After visiting every film studio in Australia, it is clear to me that the level of quality and design that was put into Adelaide Studios is first class! It is a one stop shop and among the finest studios in all of Australia! I look forward to bringing many a film to shoot at the studios in Adelaide."

Stephen Emery, EVP Circle of Confusion


"South Australia and Adelaide Studios has certainly been a great place to shoot Sam Fox: Extreme Adventures. We have an awesome team there that is very talented in making this a great show."

Suzanne Ryan, Producer Sam Fox: Extreme Adventures (2012)


"From the moment I walked through the door I felt at home. A very calm, peaceful decor with a tight direct monitoring system that was never tiring. A clever mix of old and new mixing technology makes this a very flexible and creative room that accommodates various sound post methodologies. Lovely people, great support. 2POP will be back."

John McKay, Supervising Sound Editor, 10,000 Years Later (2014)


"My experience at Adelaide Studios was fantastic. From the service to the perfect sound of the room, everything was professional. The staff were very accommodating and flexible and understood the importance of the privacy and security. I highly recommend Adelaide Studios as one of the best rehearsal spaces in the world...and I have been to many of them."

Dale Skjerseth, Production Manager, Rolling Stones On Fire Australian Tour (2014)