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An evening with Chief Creative Officer of Arclight Films, Mike Gabrawy (4th August 2016)

August 4 2016

Join us at the South Australian Film Corporation's Adelaide Studios to hear from the Chief Creative Officer of Arclight Films, Mike Gabrawy.

Mike will discuss the type of projects Arclight is currently looking to acquire, as well as approaches to securing film financing and the kinds of films that achieve international success.

Mike Gabrawy, Arclight Films,Chief Creative Officer, got his start in the entertainment industry in the early 1990s working in various roles of production from development to producing, executive producing and many vital functions in between. 

Before coming to Arclight Films, Gabrawy was a key player in launching one of the most successful sequel franchises of all time,RESIDENT EVIL, via his acquisitions and development position at Constantin Films. The franchise earned over $750 million worldwide, second only to SPIDERMAN. Gabrawy was further responsible for acquiring and developing the Sony PlayStation game Resident Evil for Constantin Films which went on to became Sony ScreenGems’ highest grossing film in 2002. 

During the same time he was an active team member in the development of several multimedia projects based on comic book classics FANTASTIC FOUR and SILVER SURFER. Before these commercial milestones, Gabrawy moved through the ranks in production forging strong industry relationships in various posts on major releases such as NAKED GUN 33 1/3A LITTLE PRINCESS, STARGATEWATERWORLD and INDEPENDANCE DAY.

After working as an independent producer on numerous movies Gabrawy joined Arclight Films in 2008 as a creative development strategist, linking filmmakers with sales agents and acting as a liaison between producers, directors, talent and international sales representatives. His vast knowledge of the industry and hands-on experience in film production and product development has been vital to the company’s success in providing an expert who, at the same time, speaks the language of the filmmaker and understands what it takes to sell a film. 

Gabrawy has maintained his position as independent producer and executive producer on myriad projects all along the way.

Some of the most recent films on his roster as producer and executive producer include THE COURIER directed by Academy Award-Nominee Hany Abu-Assad and the international hit BAIT 3D which premiered at the 2012 Venice Film Festival (Biennale) and went on to be the highest grossing Australian film in the history of China, earning close to $30M to date.

Additionally Gabrawy is working on several projects currently in various stages of development and production including; OUTCAST an action-thriller set in China’s Yunnan province, starring Hayden Christensen, to be directed by Nick Powell and produced by Jeremy  Bolt (RESIDENT EVIL), BAIT 2 in 3D, a live action version of MULAN written by Jan Sardi (SHINE NOTEBOOK), and HEART OF DARKNESS a futuristic retelling of the Joseph Conrad classic to be directed by Roger Donaldson (THE BANK JOB, NO WAY OUT).

Gabrawy was born in Cairo Egypt, grew up in Saint Louis, Missouri graduated cum laude in Film Studies from the University of Kansas and has been a Los Angeles resident for the past 20 years. He currently lives in Pasadena with his wife and son.